Monday, March 21, 2011

Bamboo Garden

#BramBamboo was another Tweetup organized by yours truly =) Two weeks ago, I rounded up a group of tweeps for dinner at Bamboo Garden (@PadThaiSpecial) located in Brampton. Yah, I know, Brampton!

Why Brampton? Well, when I found out that Tina's (@TinaNguyenSays) parents are the owners of Bamboo Garden, I suggested to her that it would be a great idea do a Tweetup there. Besides, I have zero knowledge about restaurants in Brampton so I thought it would be a nice experience. Tina was excited about the idea; she even took the time to pick out a variety of dishes for us (so we didn't have to use our brains yay!). Tina wanted to be our server that night (I insisted that she join us for dinner but she also insisted on serving us O_o). So thanks Tina, for everything!

Bamboo Garden is located in a strip plaza in Brampton. It is very spacious inside with a lot of greenery.

There's the gang (and me trying to be art-sy here).

Avacado milkshake & lychee drink - I had the lychee drink, whereas Chris (@chrisunagi) and Lase (@laisietu) had the avacado milkshakes. I really loved my lychee drink as it was cold and refreshing; there was also of lychees in it (I actually asked Tina if she normally puts that many lychees or whether it was just for me, she said this was standard).

Oh yeah and Lase said her avacado milkshake was "perfect".

Fried Chicken Spring Rolls - Served hot and very crispy.

Shrimp and Pork Fresh Rolls with Peanut Sauce - Big shrimps inside

Lemongrass Soup with Seafood - Every ingredient in the soup was really fresh. The soup was perfect as it was not too sour with just the perfect amount of heat.

Green Mango Salad with Shrimp - Probably one of the best mango salads I've had in a long time. Mangos were so sweet and fresh. There was also a good amount of decent sized shrimps in there too.

Random photo of us.

Pad Thai Special - This pad thai is what Bamboo Garden is known for and it certainly did not disappoint. Large pieces of really tender and moist chicken with sweet red and green peppers. The noodles were not clumpy at all; you can easily use a fork and take whatever portion of noodles you want without taking a whole clump of it (hate that). The flavour was also great as it wasn't like those cloying, ketchup-y, sweet pad thais that you get at a lot of places; this had a good balance of sweet and tangy - you can taste the tamarind and fish sauce too. It was not heavy so I actually ate a lot of it (and I'm not even a big pad thai person). 

Green Curry with Vegetables and Tofu - I've never had vegetable curry so this was somewhat a new dish for me. But green curry is my favourite type of curry so I really enjoyed this.

Peanut Chicken - One of my favourites as well. 

Sesame Beef - Oh, this was soooo tasty. Tender pieces of beef, not chewy at all, with a sweet marinade. Possibly crowd favourite? Cindy (@mi5schubbie) particularly liked the crunchy stuff underneath haha.

Basil Chicken - I think I ate a lot of onions from this dish, more than the chicken.

Lemongrass Chicken - Sizzling pans are always great~

Special Fried Rice 

Grilled Chicken on Vermicelli - I didn't get a chance to eat this since it was at the other end of the table lol~

I was the only one who ordered dessert. Yeah, I'm a pig :S

Grilled Banana wrapped with Sticky Rice topped with Coconut 

The sticky rice was a bit too thick and heavy for me so I felt extremely full afterwards. I liked the banana and coconut but to be honest I have never been a fan of sticky rice in desserts.

Group pic! From the top left: Matthew (@mgip), Michael (@maddogleafs), Cindy (@mi5schubbie), Chris (@chrisunagi), Alex (@alexfreeplay), Ed (@pheonixrageZERO), Janet (@aarietta), Lase (@laisietu), Latour (@ionlyliveonce) & Manley (@manleyh). 

Alex was late so he got the leftovers =P

Thanks for coming everybody! It was pouring rain outside so I'm glad everyone still showed up safe and sound ^_*

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