Friday, March 18, 2011

Globe Bistro - "Think Global. Eat Local"

Joel (@foodie411) and Jessica (@Jessica_Dexter) organized the first ever Brunch Tweetup last Sunday (#BrunchTO) at Globe Bistro. I haven't had brunch in ages so I was pretty excited about it. Thanks for organizing guys ^_^ And of course a special thanks to Ed Ho (@globeho), owner of Globe Bistro and Executive Chef Kevin McKenna (@ChefMcKenna ) for having us~

The last time I was at the Danforth was a couple of weeks ago when I went to Messini, my favourite place for gyros. I never noticed Globe Bistro before as it is located closer to Bloor and Broadview which I usually just drive by there to get to Messini =D

Initially, I was thinking of parking at a Green P since I hate parallel parking but to my surprise, I found street parking right across from Globe Bistro

Globe Bistro may look small from the outside but it is actually really spacious inside; although it is narrow, it is very long and deep with a very high ceiling. This dining area is where we sat; it's at the back of the restaurant (there is another dining area at the front). I think this space is beautiful.

Here's some background on Globe Bistro:
  • Opened in 2006
  • Philosophy: "Think global. Eat local"
  • Built originally as a theatre in 1910-11, then a bowling alley from 1927 - 1974
  • Brunch on Sundays
  • Chef's Tasting Menus offered daily - 4, 5 or 6 courses with available wine pairings
  • Rooftop patio
  • Half priced wine on Sundays
Besides Globe Bistro, there is also earth Rosedale:
  • Opened in 2009
  • Same philosophy as Globe Bistro but simpler local bistro fare
  • Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays
A third restaurant, earth Bloor West, is anticipated to open in May which will have a similar style and menu to earth Rosedale. Oh yeah, all 3 restaurants offer Happy Hour from 5 - 7 ^_^

Okay, back go brunch~

Wines on display: 08 earth Chardonnay, Cave Spring (Niagara Peninula, ON) and 08 globe Merlot / Cabernet, Cave Spring (Niagara Peninsula, ON) 

The kitchen separates the two dining areas.

What to get? It was really hard to make a decision.

We had a choice of a complimentary Caesar or Mimosa. No question about it, Caesar for me!

Globe Caesar - Horseradish and lime infused vodka, clamato, spices, bacon crusted rim.

Oh this was good. The horseradish is  a bonus, as always, but what makes this Caesar special is the "bacon crusted rim" instead of the plain old celery salt. Bacon + Caesar = ♥

We also got a complimentary Baker's Basket, a selection baked daily with Globe preserves to share.

Pastries and baked goods, totally my weakness. I had half of everything!

Coffee Cake - this was my favourite.

Goat Cheese Danish

Blueberry Scone

I was already close to full by the time I was done all that O_o

Baked French Toast - Vanilla brioche, drunken Niagara black cherries, maple candied walnuts, fresh 48% organic cream.

So thick that I couldn't resist and had to ask Jason (@LO_TEK) for a bite. It was very light (a lot of places have really dense and heavy French toast) so it was perfect with the cream and syrup. I could also really taste the egg in the toast. The black cherries were a very nice touch.

Swine & Dine - Three eggs, pork six ways (sausage, rasher bacon, confit pork, peameal, creton, maple crackling), roast mushrooms & tomatoes, lots of toast, no salad.

I did not try this but reading the description of it always makes me smile :)

The Chef's Brekkie - Yukon gold rosti, duck confit leg, scrambled eggs, foie gras butter, 10 year old Ottawa cheddar, red wine thyme syrup.

I was actually debating between getting this or the French Toast, but then I thought, which one do I see more often on a brunch menu? French toast or duck confit leg? 

The duck confit leg was absolutely amazing with the melted cheddar. The meat was really tender and juicy and I could easily tear the meat out with a fork - I would then dip it in the red wine thyme syrup before taking a bite. The sweetness of the syrup complimented the saltiness of the duck confit leg nicely (actually I thought the duck confit leg could be more salty).

I wasn't too crazy about the rosti. It was crispy and nice on the sides but the centre part was a bit soggy (the duck leg was resting on it).

Chef McKenna came out and chatted with us for a bit.

I had no room for dessert but if I did, I would order the Chocolate Brioche Beignet. No question about it~

It was a great brunch and I couldn't have asked for more; I was extremely full afterwards. I hardly ate dinner!

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