Friday, January 7, 2011

Windsor Arms - The Russian Room

This is my third time at Windsor Arms for afternoon tea. I LOVE afternoon tea - it is such a nice treat every once in awhile (and I emphasize "every once in awhile" because it is not cheap). You know how for most girls, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the words "treat themselves" usually involves going to the spa, or shopping, or going for a manicure? Well, not me. I don't have much interest in any of those activities at all; if I ever feel the "need" to treat myself or "splurge" on something, it will most likely be food-related.

Anyway, since I love afternoon tea at Windsor Arms so much I figured it deserves a second post (check out my first post here). This time, being my third time at Windsor Arms, I had tea with my boss and colleagues (so even better no need to pay). It was part of our office's set of Christmas activities (we went to the ROM prior to afternoon tea and also had a separate Christmas dinner on the weekend).

I know the sandwiches, scones, and the cheese tarts are all the same every time, but this time, I had afternoon tea in The Russian Room which I've never been in before.

My first two times at Windsor Arms I was either in the Victorian-style room or the ultra-chic looking room with purple velvety wall (which I call the "Juicy Couture Room"). This time we were in The Russian Room; it is now officially my favorite room there. It is very small; the three tables by the window, which you see above, and the other side was where we sat, a long table that seats 6. And thats it, that's the room. The other two rooms, although big, can get a bit crammed when all the tables are filled. 

I also love the bold red walls with the Russian bureaucratic paintings and fixtures in the room. Very cool, military style, which is drastically different than the girl-y Juicy Couture room. Because it is smaller, the Russian Room is perfect for a small group - it's a lot quieter than the other rooms. The cushioned booths against the walls were very comfortable too.

FYI. I overheard the hostess talking to another table about the possibility of Windsor Arms offering Russian teas in the near future for afternoon tea, in addition to what they have now. I'm not sure if its in the works or just speculative though. 

I ordered "Eve's Temptation" (see the list of teas offered here). I wanted to get the "Tibetan Tiger" again but at the same time, I wanted to try something different. Don't you hate that? I wanted to play it safe (since afternoon tea is not an everyday thing for me); I wanted to make sure that I will enjoy my tea, but I do want to be boring. My problem was solved when one of my colleagues ordered the Tibetan Tiger (her favorite as well). Remember when you go, make sure everybody order different teas because people can share anyway. My Eve's Temptation turned out to be way too fruity, even for my taste (and I love fruity drinks). I mean, look at it, it's pink =D

The usual tower at Windsor Arms. Although I've seen it before my heart still skips a beat when it arrives.

The only thing that can differ each time you go are these Petit Fours - I've never had these variations before.

The cone-shaped one on the right is so cute.

The sandwiches - I found the asparagus ones really dry this time, the chicken is OK, the smoked salmon with salmon caviar is by far the best. I had so many.

Everyone that I know who has been to Windsor Arms love their scones, including me. They are just perfectly made each and every single time. I also enjoy the goat cheese tarts. I just love everything there.

By the time I was done all the savory stuff I was ready to explode (the two scones by itself is already very filling) but I had to eat at least one petit four or I will not forgive myself. So I chose the prettiest one and it was heavenly (actually my colleagues all had it before and highly recommended it). ♥ the soft strawberry mousse.

Whipped cream and strawberries, the perfect way to end afternoon tea - light and refreshing.

Like all my previous times at Windsor Arms, we had to pack away the leftovers. It's hard to finish everything - I'm sure the servers there expect it too. Our server was really attentive and wasn't in a rush at all; he was the best server I've ever had at Windsor Arms. I was so full afterwards that I didn't even eat dinner (our tea was at 3pm).

So far, all my afternoon tea experiences were at Windsor Arms. I know Fairmont, Four Seasons and C5 all offer afternoon tea. Can anyone share their experiences at those places with me, and how they compare to Windsor Arms? I would want to try out other spots to when I get a chance.

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