Friday, January 28, 2011

Cupcake Cuties Launch Party

My good friend Steff, a.k.a Chef Steff, is a cupcake connoisseur. I mean, she is already an awesome chef as it is, but her true passion lies in cupcakes. Unlike many people who are merely "all talk", Steff was determined to follow her dreams - she launched Cupcake Cuties, an online business serving a total of 14 delicious and original flavored cupcakes. So, to celebrate her hard work and dedication, Steff invited her friends to Cupcake Cuties' launch party last Tuesday, January 28th, at Stonefire Bar & Grill

Ahhhh I can't go on without posting a professional pic of Steff first =)

Cupcake Cuties bake with the best ingredients and every cupcake is made to order to ensure ultimate freshness. On top of the variety offered, Cupcake Cuties also offer a special line of cupcakes just for diabetics. Pretty neat, huh? And of course, customized cupcakes are also available upon request.

Here are just some of the flavours available at Cupcake Cuties: Beani-Vanilli, Cocomonkey, The Way the Cupcake Crumbles..., Coconutty, Milky Sweet, Chocaholic, Black&White, Marvin the Martian, Cookies and Cream, Not Your Mama's Pecan Pie..., S'berry Good!, Darko Haze, Chocmond, S'Mores, etc...the list goes on~

My two personal favorites: Cookies & Cream (not surprising since that's my favorite ice cream) and The Way the Cupcake Crumbles...SO DELICIOUS! I ♥ the toppings and the light, light cream; reminds me of chocolate mousse! They are both the right amount of sweetness and not too heavy.

Evidently, Chef Steff did not want her friends to have cupcakes for dinner (something that I personally wouldn't have mind) so she got Stonefire to bring out some food as well.

I have blogged about Stonefire before here, and at the end of that post I actually mentioned how I wanted to go back and try their pizzas. So guess how happy I was when I saw pizza? They were great; straight out of the oven with thin crust, fresh toppings.

Other yummy stuff:


Fried calamari.


Oh, almost forgot. I had this lychee cocktail that Chef Steff ordered for me. Whatever was in this was good. The cocktail was cold, tangy, and refreshing. I would love to have it again. 

Can't leave without taking a picture with Chef Steff =D

I want to take the opportunity here to say "Congratulations, Steff!" It was a great launch party and I wish you and Cupcake Cuties all the best ^_^

Facebook: Cupcake Cuties