Monday, January 17, 2011

Mildred's Temple Kitchen

I was planning to use my coupon for dinner at School Bakery & Cafe with Julia one night, but sadly when I got there it was closed for a private party. We had no idea what other restaurants were within walking distance (near Fraser and Liberty) and felt pretty discouraged as we walked for 5-10 minutes without seeing anything interesting besides fast food and bars. Thankfully, this very bright yellow/greenish sign caught my attention. I was surprised to see it since I always thought Mildred's Temple Kitchen was located at another part of town. But what do I know? I suck at directions. Anyway, we followed that small arrow on the top right corner, zig-zagged between buildings and finally arrived to the entrance of Mildred's Temple Kitchen.

Like a lot of my other posts, I tend to go for dinner on a weeknight right after work. So most of the time the restaurants are pretty empty. Same thing again here at Mildred's; pretty much empty besides us and two other table. This shot is of the entrance leading to the dining room.

The decor at Mildred's is very contemporary, probably the most contemporary restaurant I've been to recently. Everything seems to have a very smooth texture; the wood, the stainless steel, the white round chairs, the glossy floor. The whole restaurant is very spacious but also very air-y. 

I had to get a close up of this piggy. I wonder if it symbolizes anything? There must a reason why it's there. I like it. It's cute.

Industrial looking ceiling, futuristic lighting - all very neat and modern. Julia also commented that the washrooms there were very cool (can't comment because I didn't go).

Small Mercies - Bread & Olives - Arbequina Olives with pain Thuet & white bean purée. Julia and I loved this. Three different kinds of bread, each selection perfect for sharing. And like always, I can never get enough of Thuet bread.

Plenty of olives and the white bean puree was light - great pairing for the bread. If you're a bread and olives fan like me, this is THE appetizer for you because all that was only $3.50.

MTK Burger - With Tomato Relish & Tobacco Onions with Fries.

Julia enjoyed the burger. A bit hard to eat as it was stacked up pretty high. She said the burger was juicy. 

I tried the fries; they were disappointing. They were starchy and bland, it needed more salt.

Flatbread - With Caramelized Onions, Squash, and Arugula.

This was probably the smallest flatbread / pizza I've ever had; it really should be placed in the appetizer section (or "SMALL MERCIES" on their menu), but instead it was in the "BURGS/DOGS/'ZZA" section. This was $13!

As for the pizza itself, it way too sweet for my taste. 

Moving on, it was dessert time. 

The Cookie Plate - Baked Daily by Pastry Chef Lynda - Macaroon, Cookie, Walnut Tart

Probably had some fancier names for what was on the plate but the cookie plate changes daily so the description is not on the menu. But I know for sure that, from left to right: macaroon, cookie, and walnut tart. Julia did not like the macaroon because although delicious, she found it way too dense. The cookie was nothing special. The walnut tart was the best out of the three in my opinion.

The service was impeccable; our waiter was very friendly and attentive. I wouldn't mind giving Mildred's Temple Kitchen another try especially because I've heard great things about their brunch.

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