Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Feast - Fifth of Six for 2010

A month or so ago, I attended Judy and Sam's wedding reception at Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine (名門金宴)near Warden & Steeles in Scarborough. The couple is a family friend of mine and I'm extremely happy to see them finally tie the knot. They are a perfect match and really deserve to be with each other! Judy and Sam have since relocated to Vancouver to start their new lives together *BOO!*, but I'm glad that I will have a place to stay when I do go visit there *HINT HINT!* LOL =D

Casa Imperial is not your typical Chinese restaurant / banquet hall. First of all, it is not in a Chinese plaza - instead, Casa Imperial is located in a stand-alone, classic and old-style house. with a pull in driveway and its own parking lot. Nothing else is attached to it. This exact location was also a steakhouse before (which I've never been).

Secondly, the ambiance in the restaurant is a lot more quiet and subdued compared to your usual Chinese receptions. The decor inside is all very "Victorian". There is no indication that you are in a Chinese restaurant at all. Check out the lamps, mirrors...

...the paintings...

...and the chandeliers.

I guess the only thing that is "Asian" in the room would be the wall at the back with the Chinese writing.

That night's menu on the left in Chinese (don't ask me to translate haha). A total of 12 items. Chopsticks are shown on the right. By the way, I noticed that not many Chinese restaurants these days have their chopsticks wrapped up with thick paper AND the restaurant's name printed on them.

Wedding favor - I got another one of these this year at another wedding, but in pink ^_^

One very different thing at this reception was that we were offered XO (brandy) before the meal. How cool is that?! I didn't want to miss out so I had a glass. So strong...

Food pics time!

Suckling Pig with Jelly Fish

Stir Fried Scallops with Vegetables in Crispy Nest

Shark's Fin Soup - my favorite that night!

Braised Whole Abalone - my second favorite! Was so happy to see a whole abalone =P

Crispy Chicken

Snow Pea Leaves with Mushroom 

Fried Lobster - not your typical ginger and onion lobster

Fresh Fish steamed with Scallions

Braised E-Fu Noodles

Fried Rice - in a perfect ball shape.

Heart-shaped Strawberry Pudding & Mango Coconut Rolls - ♥ those mango rolls! I forgot what the green stuff was.

Red Bean Soup with Dumplings

I had a great time at their wedding reception because it was small, cozy, and held at a very classy restaurant. All the guests got a chance to chat with the newly weds that night and also take pictures (with their own cameras). Everyone was having a good time. Even Sam & Judy seemed to be very relaxed and at ease, unlike some couples that seem so stressed and hectic at their own wedding reception :S

Once again, I want to take this opportunity to wish Judy & Sam all the best and many joyful years to come!