Friday, September 3, 2010

Post 4: Riding on the Cable Car --> Scoma's

Cable car! A MUST for any San Francisco trip in my opinion. I guess many people think the same way as me since the line up to BUY the cable car tickets and the line up to GET ON the cable car altogether probably took an hour and a half (on a Tuesday at 10 in the morning). Remember, it was cold and windy that day too and many tourists still ventured out (I guess we also had a lot of time on our hands). The fare is  $5 each way and we took the cable car all the way to Fisherman's Wharf. $5 probably seems a bit steep for a one way fare but it was totally worth it. Believe me. If you do go make sure you find room on the side of the cable car so you can stand on the edge like in the movies (if it gets filled up just wait for the next cable car).

Speaking of movies, when I see these cable cars it reminds me of the TV show FULL HOUSE way back in the day. You know when they show the streets and houses of San Fran at the beginning? And the whole gang on the cable car? Yeah. For some reason whenever I see cable cars I will immediately think of that show (and then go on to think about how innocent those Olsen twins were and how they are now). 

Here's a picture of my feet =D

The San Fran streets are pretty crazy to say the least - the ups and downs, the narrow and steep roads - there were times when it felt like I was on a roller coaster going down those streets ...I felt my heart lift up outta my chest!  That's how steep it was

It would be nuts if Toronto had these streets, or any place with snow for that matter. I also think about about parallel parking uphill on these streets driving a manual car, and how stressed out I would be if I had to do that everyday.

Fisherman's Wharf from afar.

Hyde St. Pier is one of the first piers we saw at Fisherman's Wharf. So overcast =(

A beautiful cat just chilling at the pier. What a life.

I had a list of restaurants that I kept with me when I researched on possible places to go for lunch / dinner at Fisherman's Wharf. Scoma's was one of them and it happens to be closest to Hyde St. Pier. Scoma's is located right next to the water. This is actually their back door.

Their front entrance.

Unfortunately we didn't get a window seat that overlooks the water (where all the people are in the picture). Scoma's is pretty old style in terms of decor (i.e. dark wood paneling, ceiling fans etc.). I guess if any restaurant have a view like Scoma's, spending money on decor may not be a priority.

When I was looking at their website they had a prix-fixe lunch menu for $23.95 (left). The menu on the right shows a list of wild fresh fish and shellfish that were available. YUM!

Pinot Grigio. Not sure what brand this is but it certainly has some character *talk to the hand*

Could've munched on the bread forever - So soft and warm. Was perfect after coming in from the cold

My sister-in-law and her sister ordered only the clam chowder. Their bowl was bigger than the one pictured below (this was from my brother's prix-fixe menu). Although the clam chowder was good, they were disappointed that it didn't come in a bread bowl .

Dry Pack Sea Scallops with Sauteed Fresh Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes - This was my brother's prix-fixe entree. The scallops were super fresh and "spongy".

Pan Seared Ahi Tuna Sandwich - On an Onion Roll, Wasabi Mayo, Daikon Sprouts - This was mine. So happy that I ordered this because this was probably THE BEST PIECE OF AHI TUNA I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE SO FAR.

After removing the top bun you see the wasabi mayo / daikon sprouts. I heart wasabi mayo - this wasabi mayo and sprouts combo was so deliriously good with the ahi tuna.

LOOK at how thickness of this ahi tuna! It was literally like an ahi tuna steak sandwich. Try imagining putting a thick piece of your favorite sashimi between a bun with wasabi mayo spread. I couldn't stop saying how good this was during the whole time when I was eating it. It was that good. Totally devoured everything on the plate.

Chocolate cake - My brother's dessert. He couldn't eat anymore so I ate the whole thing. 

Scoma's Restaurant, Inc.
Pier 47 on Al Scoma Way. 
San Francisco, CA  94133

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