Friday, June 3, 2016

Filming at Real Sports Bar & Grill

Ever since chef Matt Sullivan took over the Real Sports kitchen in 2014, I find myself really enjoying the food there. Believe me when I say Real Sports Bar & Grill is not your typical sports bar; you'll never have to tolerate boring pub grub just because you want to watch the game with your friends. Instead, you'll find yourself wanting to order food there because dishes like their Popcorn Chicken, Southern Fried Cauliflower, RS Classic Nachos, Quinoa Salad and Fish N Chips are all pretty darn tasty. And I'm not just saying that either - I've been to Real Sports for dinner several times now, even during the off-season. This speaks volumes, guys.

It shouldn't be surprising that Real Sports serves good food; after all, it has made a name for itself by being voted "The Best Sports Bar in North America" by ESPN. Sure, the two-story, 25,000 square foot space equipped with 199 TV screens and a ginormous 39-foot HD projector (the biggest one in any sports bar in the world) is incredible, but stillReal Sports wouldn't have gotten the title of "The Best Sports Bar in North Americaif it didn't serve delicious food as well, 'cause at the end of the day, it's about the entire experience. You can't possibly enjoy Real Sports if you were served mediocre food even if it has the best TV screens EVER. It is that simple.

So, what brings me back to Real Sports this time around? Lucky me, I was asked by Real Sports whether I'd be interested to take part in a shoot for their promotional video. Not only that, but I'll be fed as well. This was not a tough decision. Not at all :)

I had so much fun filming with these guys!! From left to right: Frankie, Jon, me, Mark (from Marquis of Fashion), Rob and Aaron.

There was a film crew taping us most of the night while we stuffed our faces. I'm good with that.

I started the evening off with a boozy Negroni, while Jon started his with an extra dirty Martini, just the way he likes it.

Before long, plate after plate of food started arriving at our table. We *almost* couldn't eat fast enough! Most of these dishes I've written about already in my previous posts, which you can find here and here.

The one dish I've never had before was their Fish N Chips, which is now one of my favourite dishes at Real Sports. Notice the generous portion size here, and before you can say it, nope, it's not all batter! On the contrary, the batter was very thin with mostly flaky and juicy haddock inside. A squeeze of lemon with a dab of tartar sauce is all you need. The fries were good too! The coleslaw, not so much.

Beer Battered Haddock + Coleslaw + Tartar Sauce + Fries

Hmm... what more can I say? Real Sports is really something you’ve got to experience for yourself. If you're both a food and a sports fan and you've never been to Real Sports then you're really missing out!

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Real Sports Bar & Grill has made a name for itself by being voted the best sports bar in North America. The energy in this two-story haven for sports and food-fans alike is unmatched in the downtown Toronto area. With executive chef Matt Sullivan serving innovative takes on classics, Real Sports is something you’ve got to experience. Make a reservation here.

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