Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mega Kinton Ramen Event [VIDEO]

From Monday, January 6th to Thursday, January 9th, Kinton Ramen (Twitter: @KintonRamen, Facebook: KintonRamen) held its first ever MEGA KINTON RAMEN EVENT. Participants must eat (and keep down) a bowl of MEGA RAMEN in under 15 minutes. Successors are comped the price of the MEGA RAMEN and lifetime bragging rights. If you fail, you must fork over $30 plus tax. Contenders must also sign a waiver before competing.

This mammoth bowl of ramen (pictured left) consisted of:

Kinton Shoyu Ramen x 1 
Noodle x 2
Pork Shoulder x 6
Pork Belly x 4
Seasoned Egg x 1
Nori x 1
Beansprout x 3

Is there such a thing as RAMEN SWEATS? 'Cause there is now!

Even though a few friends have showed interest in paying me to do this challenge (whaaaaaa?) I was more than happy to just sit on the sidelines and film my two daring friends, Mack and Melvin, as they attempt to take on the MEGA RAMEN. Watch their journey as they devoured what seemed to be endless amount of hot noodles and bean sprouts! Perhaps after watching this video you will consider participating in Kinton's next MEGA event? :)

 Remember I said contenders had to sign a waiver? Kinton's waiver had some hilarious wording (the bold parts) so I included it here: 

Must be 18 years of age or older.
Complete in 15 minutes, or pay the full value of the Mega Ramen ($30).
Sharing is not caring for this challenge.
You're on your own. If you vomit, please mop it 
No standing or leaving your seat for the duration of the challenge, 
so no washroom breaks!

"Completion" means nothing left in the bowl and nothing left in your mouth.
No dying or passing out. Don't push yourself too hard. 
Limited to 3 attempts per day... for your health.

Participants acknowledge there are risks associated with this event 
which include, but are not limited to personal injury, risk of illness and 
possibly death, risk of loss or damage to personal property.

Participants upon entry and signing this form hereby agrees to 
waive and release Kinton Ramen and all affiliates from any liabilities of 
any kind arising from this event.

Participants also hereby swear that to the best of their knowledge 
they are physically and mentally fit to enter the Challenge.

I acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.

Kudos to all the ambitious contenders who braved this extreme challenge, especially those who completed it! Below are the "wall of fame" detailing the successors' names and times: 

From Kinton 1 (51 Baldwin St): Champion - Michael Chua - 10:27

Photo Credit: Kinton Ramen

From Kinton 2 (668 Bloor St W): Champion - Harry Ngo - 8:33 (WTF?! I bow to you!!!)

Photo Credit: Kinton Ramen