Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ravi Soups (Queen West)

It's time to embrace the cold weather guys because summer is OVER *insert sad face*. How does one "embrace the cold" anyway? Well most people go shopping for fall clothes; cardigans, sweaters, pea coats, scarves, etc., because they wanna look good...gotta keep up with "fall fashion trends 2013", ya know? Nothing wrong with that at all. Unfortunately for me fall fashion is pretty much irrelevant. The problem is that when others find it "breezy" I find it "chilly". When it's supposedly "cool" I find it "cold". Hence the reason why I don't have much fall clothes - I switch from balmy summer clothes right into winter gear almost immediately (okay maybe I'm exaggerating...I'm sure there are a couple of weeks in between or something). I'm perpetually cold :( Anyway, armed with my winter jacket you'll probably see me embracing the cooler temperatures with a cup of steaming hot chocolate. Yum. You may also find me at some all-you-can-eat Chinese hot pot place in Markham or perhaps enjoying some tofu stew in Korean town. But when it's seriously cold outside, Ravi Soups is one of the best places to warm your soul.

Ravi Soups, a family-run restaurant, is the place to be for a quick and hearty meal. There are three Ravi Soups locations: 322 Adelaide St W, 1128 Queen St West, and 2535 Dundas St West. 

There's a wide variety of unique and exotic ingredients in both their soups and wraps. I'm pretty sure you won't find any of these creative flavour combinations anywhere else.

An open kitchen separates the front and back dining areas.

Served on a lazy susan, a soup & wrap combo costs $10.99:

Blue Crab & Thai Basil

Ravislaw, Spicy Tamarind Ketchup & Fresh Herbs

Cilantro & Lime Creme Fraiche 

Roasted Yams, Baby Spinach, Mango Pineapple Salsa, Lime Chili & Mint Cilantro

 I had the corn chowder and roasted pork wrap. In terms of texture, the corn chowder was smooth, creamy and thick. Taste wise, the luscious concoction had a nice blend of spices with a hint of coconut milk.  Finished with crisp corn and fresh Thai basil, the soup is sweet, salty and a bit spicy all at the same time. As for the wrap, it had tender roasted pork smothered in a thick tangy ketchup alongside ravislaw and fresh herbs. Really great flavours overall. Made with quality ingredients, both the wrap and soup were really satisfying and delicious. So comforting! I was very happy with it...great value and generous portions too. My friend really liked his curried lamb wrap as it had great flavour balance. He thought the curried apricot & red lentil soup was just okay (he wasn't too fond of its sweet & spicy flavour).

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