Monday, August 12, 2013

Rose & Sons Revisited

To be honest, my original plan was to hit up Big Crow for dinner, Rose & Sons' new backyard barbecue joint. When my two friends and I arrived at the Big Crow last Thursday around 6:15 pm, we were told the wait would be around an hour and a half. And little did I know, Big Crow actually takes reservations! Gahhhh! If I didn't assume that it didn't take resos (and hence didn't make one) this post would be about Big Crow's barbecue ribs, jerk chicken and s'mores ice cream sandwiches. Major fail on my part. 

We didn't want to venture elsewhere in the pouring rain so we checked whether Rose & Sons (Twitter: @RoseandSons, Facebook: Rose and Sons) had room for us. Lucky enough we snatched the last empty table :)

Dinner began with some draaanks.

DARK & STORMY - Goslings, ginger beer, lime ($11)
PUNCH - Rhubarb, white wine, lillet, lime, seltzer ($11)

MINT JULEP - Mint, 4 roses bourbon, ice ($11)
UNO MOMENTO - Tequila tromba blanco, limeade, elderflower, seltzer ($12) 

Us three girls shared the following four dishes:

TOMATOES - charred onion and avocado salsa, pimento toast ($11)

BROTHER JUNIPERS CORN BREAD GRIDDLE - Hot sauce, maple syrup ($8)

FRIED CHICKEN - Sour pickle brine, warm mushroom and potato salad, soft egg ($22)

PORK CHOP - Crispy corn meal eggplant, pepper relish, buttermilk dip ($24)

Yum! I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner at Rose & Sons. Highlights for me were the corn bread and pork chop. Not your typical corn bread, R&S' version is dressed to the nines; lightly grilled then smothered in hot sauce, maple syrup and topped generously with green onions, it takes cornbread to the next level. The pork chop was delicious too. The thick slab of pork was moist and tender with the perfect amount of fat on top - not too thick, not too thin, just right for a juicy, fatty finish. The sweet roasted peppers on top was a very nice complement to the pork and the corn meal crusted egg plant was awesome with the creamy buttermilk dip. Although as a whole it wasn't my favourite dish, I still really liked the fried chicken. Its thick, crumbly crispy skin kept the succulent meat inside incredibly hot and juicy. 

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