Thursday, August 15, 2013

CNE Toronto 2013 Media Day

AUG 16 - SEP 2
18 days of fun, food, rides, games and great entertainment at Canada's largest fair

Yup! It's CNE time~ I know it's sorta bittersweet. Whenever CNE (Twitter: @LetsGoToTheEx, Facebook: Canadian National Exhibition) starts it essentially means summer is over :( but to me it also means it's time for GAMES and FOODGAMES as in "I don't care how much money I spend I want a MINION!" and FOOD as in "I want to eat everything that will potentially clog my arteries!" Don't believe me? Check out my deep fried adventure at the CNE two years ago.

This year, I was invited to CNE's Media Day. I arrived at Princes' Gate bright and early yesterday morning and whoa was it chilly! I was so glad to see Gourmet Gringos serving hot coffee and breakfast for us :) Gourmet Gringos will be one of the many food trucks participating in CNE's Food Truck Frenzy on August 23, 24 and 25.

Gourmet Gringos' hot breakfast burrito totally warmed me up.

Welcome remarks from CNE General Manager, David Bednar. 

Kicking off our media tour was husband and wife buskers, Mr. Spin & Pandora Pink.

Pandora Pink brings ‘Pandora Boxes’, a whirlwind tribute to the master of comedy, WC Fields, Elvis Presley and all things pink and box like. She performed a skillful clownesque cigar-box routine:

Followed by a complicated three-ball juggle by Mr. Spin:

Next up is Cascade, a phenomenal stuntmen troupe from France. The group was on Britain's Got Talent last year!

Last but not least, The Flying Wallendas:

Dating back to the 18th century, The Flying Wallendas is a family act originally known for its expertise in the art of flying trapeze. Today, its crowning achievement is the record-setting 8-person, 3-level tightrope pyramid, performed without the use of safety devices. The legendary circus act has also set numerous records with the Guinness Book of World Records for its daring routine. Really impressive was so windy too!

~*All the above acts will be performing daily throughout the CNE*~

A new addition to CNE this year is the ZipLine. Wanna climb up a 126 feet tower? The CNE ZipLine offers a bird's eye view of the CNE grounds where you careen down more than 1,100 feet, over the midway, to the landing point at the southwest corner of the Direct Energy Centre.

I dare you. I double dare you. Me? I'll pass haha! I'm chicken shit when it comes to heights. I'll choose artery-clogging foods any day (I obviously prefer a slow death).

Speaking of slow deaths, I sampled all of the below treats yesterday:

Maple Bacon "Cronut" Inspired Burger

Inspired by the original cronut creation from NYC (a 'cronut' is a cross between a doughnut and a croissant invented by Dominique Ansel of NYC), the burger is rolled in cinnamon sugar, sliced in half, filled with 100% Canadian, all beef patty, cheese and topped with a home made maple bacon jam.  

Gourmet 5 oz Prime Rib Burger
Infused with premium cheddar cheese topped with a smoky-sweet pulled pork and Canadian back bacon, served on a fresh Ace Bakery Bun.

Panini Gelato
A combination of fresh gelato sealed within a warm, sweet French brioche bun. Gelato flavours: include vanilla, chocolate, oreo, strawberry, salted caramel, chocolate hazelnut, tiramisu and pistachio. 

A vegan & gluten free nacho-plate with corn tortilla chips, fresh salsa, guacamole, "ground beef" (walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes and spices), red & green peppers, drizzled with "sour cream" (cashews, lemon, olive oil and spices) & a hint of Morita Chili Sauce from Maizal

All-Bacon Canuck Burger
All-bacon bun with two strips of bacon and one slice of peameal bacon

Other offerings from BACON NATION

Spinach and Feta Pie

Halloom Cheese and Sesame Purse

Spice Cream Cone
Vanilla ice cream, chili peppers, Nutella, Bacon

Crispy ball of rice stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese, peas and ground beef topped with tomato sauce and parmesan.

Smoked Beef Brisket Lasagna

Spread will be serving everything Nutella, from fries to spring rolls.

Sweet Potato Fries drizzled with Nutella

CNE Food Links:

About the CNE:
The CNE is Canada's largest and much loved fair and one of he top 10 exhibitions in North America. Founded in 1879, the CNE generations an economic impact of approx $58.6 million for the GTA and $80 million for Ontario each year. For the past three consecutive fairs, the CNE has been awarded Eco Logo certification, confirming it as the "greenest" fair in North America, and the most "environmentally friendly" large scale event on the continent.

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