Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A-OK Foods

When Yours Truly on Ossington stopped serving its snacks menu to make the switch to an all tasting menu, I admit I was a bit bummed. I liked their snacks. But you know how the saying goes - that "all good things must come to an end" - I guess it totally applies here and sadly, life must go on (I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one bummed about this okay?!) 

So when the owners of Yours Truly opened A-OK Foods (Twitter: @AOKfoods, Facebook: A-OK Foods) I couldn't wait to check it out. With a menu that emphasizes on Chinese, Korean and Mexican flavours, the small restaurant on Queen West has a variety of unique snacks such as KFC or "Korean Fried Chicken", Bulgogi Torta and Goya Champuru etc. However, what really sets A-OK apart is their house-made ramen, made from their very own special ramen machine imported from Korea. 

Really diggin' the decor at A-OK - the aluminum lamps, green picnic tables and benches and the wood tiled walls all give an illusion of eating at an outdoor street food vendor (you'll see later that drinks are served in disposable red tumblers.)

Yakult, shochu, ginger beer

Korean chili sauce, peanuts, pickles

SHOYO ($10.5)
Housemade noodles, chicken broth, soy tare, garlic, duck fat, served with grilled pork belly, nori, scallions, goji berries, seasoned egg

My friend showing off the grill marks on his piece of thick pork belly.

Housemade noodles, chilled and tossed in sesame & sichuan chili oil, pulled chicken, spinach, celery, scallions, sesame seeds

WONTON ($11)
Housemade noodles, chicken stock, sesame oil, ginger, arbol chili oil, pork & shrimp wonton, white pepper, wood ear mushrooms

Fried bun, 5 spice sugar, earl grey cream

Seriously awesome ramen at A-OK...definitely more than just "OK". In terms of taste, texture and "chewiness", A-OK's housemade noodles is my favourite in the city right now. Whether it's in broth or served cold, these thin round noodles are unbelievably smooth with an impeccable texture and taste, and that's why I really enjoyed the Sichuan Chicken dish because even without broth, these noodles were just incredible (this dish would be terrible without good noodles.) Aside from ramen, A-OK's other winner is the KFC wings. Although drenched in a sweet chili sauce (omg the sauce is so good), the chicken still retained its thick crispy skin. The meat itself is tender and juicy...ughhh so damn delicious I can eat their KFC all day  (this is dangerous 'cause A-OK is open every day for lunch and dinner.) 

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