Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Contestant on Food Network Canada's "Ice Cold Cash"

Last August, I wrote a post about how my friend Nancy and I were casted to be contestants on Food Network Canada's new food trivia game show. We were not given any information at all about the show until the actual day of filming. The show, we found out, was called Ice Cold Cash.

We both had to sign a waiver that day which basically says that we can't tell anyone about the name or format of the show and how much money we won. Anyway, the episode that we were on aired in May. You can click the link below to watch the episode online:

We were in the episode "Bouillabaisse". You will find us around the 15 min mark.

~Filmed at Dufferin Park~

~Watch to see how much $$$ we won~

This was definitely a very cool and memorable experience! :D Here are some interesting points I want to share with you: 

1) We knew we were being filmed so us acting surprised at the start is obviously all an act (this of course includes walking in the park and suddenly wanting ice cream haha)
2) Even if we knew the answer right away, we were advised to discuss it between ourselves to fill more air time. 
 2) Whenever there was background noise (i.e. honking, plane flying by) that covered our voices we would have to do another take (sometimes two or three takes). This meant we had to pretend it was our first time hearing that same question every time...which also meant that we had to discuss, answer and act surprised / happy on each and every one of those takes too!
4) For the question we were stuck on, Nancy and I actually discussed it for quite awhile. Our  guess was going to be "Spain" *whew*
5) The cash was only for show; we received a cheque in the mail a week later!