Wednesday, July 25, 2012

C2C Dinner Series at Fuel House

I attended Fuel House's (@FuelHouseTO) inaugural C2C dinner last week. C2C, short for "Coast-to-Coast", is a dinner series that focuses on showcasing Canadian ingredients. Chef Peter Petruniak (@ChefPeteTO) of Fuel House is a local food advocate:

"I wanted to do C2C to really show the amazing produce that is grown in Canada.  Even before getting into this profession, I always try to eat local and make the effort to look for grown-in-Canada products. I also try to avoid eating at major chain restaurants. Supporting local has many benefits; it helps local farmers and small businesses, as well as reducing carbon footprint.  I will take a fresh Ontario peach over ANY tropical fruit; it is fresh and not ripening on a truck as it crosses the border.  I have read about many chefs who try to really show what their country has to offer. The best chefs Adria, Keller, and even Edward Tuson at Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver Island want to know where their ingredients come from.  Every chef should want that and every chef should know that food doesn't just come from the back of a truck.  With C2C I really want to highlight great Canadian ingredients while trying to stay as local as I can."

All Canadian wine pairings.

Daikon Radish & Horseradish Gazpacho - Radish sprout, fresh radish, honey, sour cream, chive

Peter plating in the kitchen.

Tomato Salad - Heirloom tomatoes, mixed greens, basil, roasted tomato vinaigrette

Bouillabaisse - PEI scallops & mussels, BC Red Snapper, fingerling potatoes, carrots in a fennel broth

Beet Sorbet - Goat cheese, cherry, beet greens, black pepper

Peter came out to describe each course to us.

Beef Tenderloin - Sous vide tenderloin, roasted parsnips, sauteed mushrooms, arugula coulis, crispy leeks

Cheese Board - Mont St Benoit (Quebec), Cape Vessey Cave Aged Goat (Quebec), Niagara Gold (Ontario) accompanied with wild blueberry & reisling jam, apple, maple and dijon chutney, maple candied walnuts, toast

Wine Poached Strawberries - Yogurt ice cream, oat streusel, strawberry & rosemary relish, fresh strawberries

If you are a conscience diner who enjoys indulging in local cuisine, I strongly encourage you to check out the next C2C dinner at Fuel House. Committed to making sustainable choices, Peter executed his 7-course tasting beautifully, highlighting fresh local produce, meat, and food ingredients. I personally enjoyed the medley of fresh seafood in the bouillabaisse; the mussels, scallops and the red snapper really shined through in the light fennel broth. The beet sorbet was an absolute delight (especially on hot summer days)..everyone loved it! Next, the sous vide tenderloin was soft and juicy, coupled with crispy leeks and sweet roasted parsnips, the whole plate was divine. Both desserts were fabulous, especially the luscious and creamy yogurt ice-cream. So tasty :)

The next C2C dinner will be on Tuesday, August 28. Make sure you follow Fuel House (@FuelHouseTO) and Pete (@ChefPeteTOon Twitter, or their Facebook page for C2C dinner updates!

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