Thursday, May 31, 2012

Splendido: à la carte

After Tasting I, Mother's Day brunch and Tasting II, I was back at Splendido for à la carte exactly a week later. I know it's crazy but I have a hear me out :) 

A friend of mine, Genevieve (@GenevieveNgu), has never been to Splendido and she really wanted to go before chef Patrick Kriss (@Patrickkriss) leaves for the position of Chef de Cuisine at Acadia (@AcadiaToronto), replacing chef Matt Blondin (@chefmattblondin) who has taken the position of executive sous chef at Momofuku Daisho (to open in August). Seeing that it was the last weekend before Kriss leaves, Genevieve and I had to go last Saturday. No choice. Given, I'm sure Genevieve didn't necessarily need my company (LOL) I thought it was a good opportunity to try out Splendido's à la carte menu. So no, nobody pointed a gun to my head and forced me to go to Splendido for the fourth time in the last two months. I wanted to go can I say this.. I think Splendido is awesome? =D

 Another phenomenal dinner. Genevieve, Agatha (@agapod) and I had nothing but praises the entire night. This is what we had:

Beet Juice Champagne and Horseradish

Magdalene Island Scallop - Ramp, Rhubarb and Maple Syrup

Victor's Foie Gras Parfait - Ontario Strawberries, Black Truffle Coulis, Walnut Crumble ($22)

Chesapeake Soft Shell Crab - Romesco & Charred Onion ($22)

Pea, Agnolotti, Asparagus, Porcini, Radish Shoots

Cumbrae Farms Rabbit Saddle, Ontario - Flieschnacka, Glazed Heirloom Carrots, Ramps & Mustard Greens ($40)

Roasted Lamb - Rack, Shoulder & Merguez, Sweetbreads, Romaine, Truffle, Garlic & Pea Ricotta Tortellini ($47)

65 Day Dry Aged Cumbrae Farms Rib Cap - Smoked Brisket, Roasted Baby Artichoke, Ontario Asparagus, Thyme Peppercorn Sauce & Bernaise ($45)

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Honey Tangerine Curd - Wildflower Honey Ice Cream, Milk Jam & Chamomile Gelée ($14)

Mint Chocolate Chip - Creme Fraiche Mint Sorbet, Mint & Michel Cluizel Ganache ($15)

Splendido never disappoints! Yes, go for their tasting menu if you want to spoil yourself rotten but I can confidently tell you that their à la carte menu is just as amazing!


 I think it's time for me to take a Splendido break lol =P

To chef Kriss: See you at Acadia!

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