Friday, May 11, 2012

"The Go Chuck Yourself" Burger at Holy Chuck

I'm not sure how I get sucked into these crazy ordeals. First, the burger crawl, now this. THIS. This stuffing-my-face-with-The-Go-Chuck-Yourself-burger-at-Holy-Chuck-Burgers ordeal. I know, I know, the option to say "thanks, but no thanks" is always there but it is hard for me; I'm a nice person and I just can't say no (OK maybe only for food-related things hehe). And I really can't say no to this especially when I know for a fact that The Go Chuck Yourself burger is just so damn EPIC!

It was actually Richard (@mrsharpphoto) from If Looks Could Fill who suggested trying The Go Chuck Yourself burger. He suggested having the burger but NOT doing the challenge (yes you can do a challenge!). We really just wanted to leisurely enjoy the burger without being rushed. I agreed and was down with that. So on Tuesday, Richard, his wife Robin (@sharp_photo) and I went to Holy Chuck Burgers (@HOLYCHUCKBURGER) at Yonge & St. Clair (by the way, Holy Chuck was one of my top picks from my burger crawl).

Holy Chuck's Menu (can be found online here)

Again, we did not do this challenge, but here is how it works:

The "Go Chuck Yourself Challenge": Eat The Go Chuck Yourself burger + any special milkshake of your choice in 6 minutes and your picture will be on the "Wall of Fame". You will also receive an exclusive contest t-shirt (plus bragging rights of course). If you can beat the best time Holy Chuck will pay for your meal too! Can't finish the challenge? Your picture on the "Wall of Shame".

The Go Chuck Yourself burger: Six patties, six cheese, triple bacon, caramelized onions & stacked between three grilled cheese sandwiches.

I love the look on Richard's face!

People say that I seem to like to eat burgers the size of my head. Well I prove you guys wrong! The Go Chuck Yourself burger was actually BIGGER than my head! =P

While Richard was able to hold the WHOLE Go Chuck Yourself burger in his hands (I still don't know how he did it), I couldn't, I tried squishing it down too. So my strategy was to divide and conquer.

 Eat 1 + 2 (top half) then 3 + 4 (bottom half). 

1 + 2 + 3 = √
4 = x


I just couldn't finish (quadrant) 4. I seriously think I would have puked if I had one more bite.

 Thinking back, I could have finished it if I waited maybe 15 to 20 minutes to digest. But nah, I thought better of it. Really no point because the burger would have been cold by then (bleh) and I would have had to dig it up from the pile of napkins I threw on top of it from before (the universal sign for defeat).

I contemplated working out after too. That thought was short-lived though. I went home, showered (I seriously smell like burgers) and went for drinks after. With all the burger lifting - lifting it up to my mouth, putting it down - chewing, I thought eating The Go Chuck Yourself burger was already itself a workout. Score!

P.S: The Go Chuck Yourself burger was actually really tasty. After a few bites I realized that I was actually enjoying it a lot (versus eating it for the sake of eating / finishing it). Evidently on the heavy side (haha) I definitely wouldn't mind having 1 + 2 again (as in, just the half!).

P.S.S: I thought you guys should know that I did not go into Holy Chuck that day with any preparation. As in, I did not deliberately expand my stomach with water before or do  whatever people do to prep themselves for eating large quantity of food. I had a normal day and went to Holy Chuck to have dinner. That's it :)

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