Monday, March 26, 2012

Geste Shrimp Truck (Maui)

I'm in Maui! First thing my friends and I did once we got off the plane was visit Geste Shrimp truck, a very popular food truck located about 10 minutes away from the Kahului airport on Kahului Beach Road. 

My friend Cindy and I shared the Hot & Spicy ($12) and my other two friends shared the Spicy Pineapple ($12). Both came with a dozen shrimps, crab mac salad & rice. Now that I look at the menu again I think I should have gotten the "Combo Plate"...only $2 more but with a hot dog too!

  Honestly, $12 with a crab mac & cheese and rice? That's literally less than $1 for some of the freshest shrimps in the world! Amazing.

Shown below is the Hot & Spicy (Spicy Pineapple looks exactly the same but with tiny pieces of pineapple in it). Best.Shrimps.Ever!!! They were all extremely plump, tender and fresh...literally finger lickin' good! Prepare to get your hands dirty though because they have their shells on. We all liked the Hot & Spicy more than the Spicy Pineapple (that is, if we had to choose). The crab salad was also fantastic; it had big pieces of crab meat and cleansed our palette between bites of spicy shrimps.

Google "Geste Shrimp Truck" and you will see all their stellar reviews on Yelp.

We are already thinking of going back to Geste Shrimp before we leave for the airport and try their Hawaiian Scampi or Lemon Pepper (and possibly the hot dog too).

Anyway, if you ever find yourself in Maui, hit them up! =D