Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Acadia's 7-Course Tasting Menu

I'm a big fan of Acadia (@AcadiaToronto). I've been there for their regular menu, their tasting menu and have also dropped by several times for cocktails and appetizers at the bar. It doesn't help that Fuel House (@FuelHouseTO), my second home, is literally right across the street. But to tell you the truth, I fell in love with Acadia's shrimp & grits ever since day one and have cravings for them every now and then. Same with their corn those too.

Anyway, when chef Matt Blondin (@chefmattblondin) tweeted about a 7-course tasting menu for $39 about a month ago, I seriously thought he was joking. You know, him just messing around on twitter. Seven courses? For $39? At ACADIA? NO WAY. NOT POSSIBLE. Although the Asian in me really wanted to believe it, my brain told me it was simply too good to be true. 

So meh, I was wrong. For two-nights only, the $39 7-course tasting dinner actually happened and both dinners were completely sold out.

 I'm sure you have seen pictures of some of the night's dishes, if not all, on Twitter already. But like it or they are again!

Fish Skin - Smoked creme fraiche, fennel & dill pollen

Warm Scallop - Red brassica, wild mustard, celeriac, watermelon radish

Catfish - Pumpernickel, goat's curd, pickled egg yolk & white, onion tops

Oyster Soup - Chicken stock aspic, black pepper, licorice, borage

Redfish - Hedgehog mushroom, brown butter, samphire, xeres vinegar

Pork Belly - Steelcut oats, banana pudding, black sesame, peanut

Caramelized Buttermilk - White chocolate, blood orange, olives

Acadia never disappoints. Even with a 7-course tasting at $39 per person, chef Blondin and his team delivered quality ingredients with the same flawless execution and attention to detail as always. Excellent food and impeccable service all for only $39? Amazing. I certainly hope there will be more of these dinners in the future =) Oh and my favourites? The catfish and the pork belly!

I also want to give a shout out to Benjamin Deacon (@benjamin_deacon) for the amazing cocktails I had that night; I especially loved my "Virginia Housewife" with prosecco, gin, wild bergamot, earl grey ice. So tasty! Speaking of which, check out a video of Ben making his current favourite cocktail, the "Kraken-fashion", on Toronto Life.

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