Friday, November 11, 2011

Acadia (Part II)

The Acadia (Part I) post yesterday detailed my dinner at Acadia around a month ago. I ordered off their menu and everything was fantastic. It was after that dinner that I declared Acadia as my favourite restaurant in Toronto ^_*

Little did I know, I was in for even more great food. This post, Acadia (Part II), summarizes in pictures the tasting menu I had when I went back to Acadia with my best friend, Ray, a week ago. Below are all the dishes we had that night and thanks to Chef Matt Blondin, he gave us a few extra dishes too =) We were both blown away with everything that came out of the kitchen! If these pictures don't entice you enough to go to Acadia, then there's something terribly wrong with you.

Okay enough of me rambling. It's Friday and it's time for some food p0rn =D Enjoy!


Acadia's Cornbread - maple / pumpkin butter

Northumberland Strait Scallops - chicken crackling, parmesan crisp, watermelon rind, basil

Halibut Cheeks - blue cornmeal, pickled prawn, sugarcane chow chow, mirlitons, buttermilk

Salted char - plums, laurel leaf, apples and beet

Shrimp Grits - Anson Mills Antebellum Grits, oyster mushroom, pimento cheese, ham hock consomme

Yarmouth Albacore - blackened spices, celery maque-choux, brown butter hollandaise, tarragon

Yellow Snapper - chanterelle mushroom, double smoked bacon, Sea Island red peas, winter savory

Coffee Braised Short Rib - sorghum grain, savory cush cush, red eye sauce, tobacco leeks

Collard Greens - pancetta, licorice cream

Poached Bartlett Pear - condensed milk cake, pumpernickle, malt syrup

Sweet Potato Custard - molasses cookie, raisins, graham cracker ice cream

Ray is now completely sold on Acadia; he says he will be taking his wifey there soon too (Rian, you can use this post as proof if he ever denies that lol). 

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