Thursday, November 10, 2011

Acadia (Part I)

Acadia (Twitter: @AcadiaToronto, Facebook: Acadia Restaurant & Bar), located on Clinton just north of College, is probably one of the hottest, most-talked about restaurant in Toronto right now and I gotta be honest, it really lives up to the hype- Acadia is currently my favourite restaurant in Toronto (I've been there 3 times already =P) and even though it may sound a bit excessive, I am sure I will be going back very soon (as I heard that new dishes are in the works!) I think Acadia is really an exciting and much-needed addition not only to Little Italy, but to the city as well.

The ambiance and decor at Acadia is pretty casual; there's nothing pretentious about it and that's exactly why I love it there. However, the food at Acadia is anything but casual...I will get into that later ^_^  

Acadia is separated into two dining areas: the main room (which I find can get a bit noisy) and another room which has the bar and open kitchen. 

Because of my love for seeing all the action in the kitchen, I reserved a table right next to it =D That's Acadia's Chef de cuisine, Matt Blondin (his back to us) and the sous chefs in the kitchen. 

My cocktail in a tiki glass~ 

I had dinner with the lovely couple Richard (@mrsharpphoto) and Robin (@sharp_photo) that night. Please visit Robin's food blog If Looks Could Fill for her thoughts on our dinner at Acadia.

Acadia's Cornbread with sweet potato butter - on the house and one of my favourites at Acadia. Served hot, the cornbread is soft and spongy. 

The maple / pumpkin butter in a cute bottle for you to squeeze some on the cornbread. Tasty...


Boudin Stuffed Quail - cane syrup glaze, Orleans mustard, collard greens, benne seed brittle ($13)

Halibut Cheeks - blue cornmeal, pickled prawn, sugarcane chow chow, mirlitons, buttermilk ($12)

Shrimp Grits - Anson Mills Antebellum Grits, oyster mushroom, pimento cheese, ham hock consomme ($13). 

♥♥♥ this! The grits, submerged into the pool of consomme, is so smooth and creamy and with the plump shrimp and oyster mushrooms, this dish is heavenly~ I can eat this everyday =)


Cornish Hen - chaurice sausage, organic bulgar salad, cardoon pudding, sunflower seeds, watercress ($24).

I rarely order chicken / cornish hen when I'm out but since both Robin and Richard were ordering the halibut and short ribs, I thought I would give the cornish hen a try and guess what? I ended up really enjoying it. The cornish hen was moist and tender, and I loved how the sausage in the middle really gave a unique twist on the whole dish.

Coffee Braised Short Rib - sorghum grain, savory cush cush, red eye sauce, tobacco leeks ($25)

Halibut - chanterelle mushroom, double smoked bacon, Sea Island red peas, winter savory ($23)


Farro "Succotash" - wild mushroom, truffle oil ($6). Robin and I couldn't get enough of this! We should have ordered two =P

I really enjoyed everything that night at Acadia. Every dish was extremely gorgeous, complex, innovative, and so delicious. Trust me, there's nothing like Acadia in T.O right now so just make a reservation and see for yourself!

I will be posting "Acadia Part II" tomorrow. 

"Acadia Part II" = Epic Tasting Menu

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