Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Omakase Box Giveaway [VIDEO] - CLOSED

Omakase box and Food Junkie Chronicles have joined forces for this awesome giveaway!

For those not in the know, the Omakase box ninjas, with their foam swords and candy wrappers stars, hand picks a selection of 5-6 unique snacks each month and it is their life's mission to deliver them right to your door!

Omakase box has been featured in Toronto Star and their treats are in such high demand that people are placed on a waiting list. The good news is that if you follow @omakase_ninja on Twitter and LIKE their Facebook page they will from time to time, give out secret codes so that their loyal followers can skip the the waiting list =D

I'm giving away ONE September Omakase box to the lucky winner of my contest. Watch the video to find out exactly what yummy treats are inside ^_^


1) You must be following both me (@foodieyu) and Omakase box (@omakase_ninja) on Twitter


2) Tweet the following sentence, exactly as shown: 

"I want to win a FREE Omakase box from @omakase_ninja #OBOX10
(You can only tweet this once)


3) To increase your chances of winning, include the hashtag "OBOX10" in any of your snacks or treats-related tweets (i.e. "I love snacking on chips #OBOX10" or "Craving ice cream right now #OBOX10"). You can also retweet other people's tweets that are snacks or treats-related (make sure the "OBOX10" hashtag is included). Each tweet / retweet earns you ONE extra ballot and you can tweet / retweet as many times as you wish. Again, you MUST have completed steps 1) & 2) for any of your tweets or retweets to count.



Contest starts on Wednesday, September 21st and ends on Wednesday, September 28th at 12PM.

I will announce the lucky winner on Monday, October 3rd.


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