Monday, September 19, 2011

The Bellevue

My friend Cindy and I went to The Bellevue one Sunday for brunch. The Bellevue is located in Kensington Market at the corner of Bellevue and Nassau. During the week, we were brainstorming different brunch places; we wanted to go somewhere that 1) we both haven't been to, 2) was known for good brunches and 3) a place that did not have massive lineups. 

I remember when Cindy suggested The Bellevue to me she asked me if I was okay with it as it is not your typical brunch place. I didn't understand what she meant so she sent me a menu that she found online. After taking a look I was very intrigued because some stuff on their brunch menu was very...different. I told Cindy I was up for trying this place out.

When we arrived at The Bellevue the tables outside were already full. We reluctantly sat inside at a long table that faces out (we were sitting where the girl with the short blonde hair was in the picture above). Behind me was the bar and the specials were listed out on the small chalkboard. There was more seating in the room beside ours but in general The Bellevue is still very small but cute place.

After we ordered, we noticed an empty table outside so we quickly went for it =)

The Unusual - 2 eggs sunny side up, sanagan's summer sausage, kimchi, daily cheese, oven roasted beets, fruit. Woodlot multigrain ($12). This is what Cindy said about it: 

"It was certainly Unusual, kinda reminded of  me what I do when I'm at home by myself, just open up the fridge and eat whatever is in there lol.  I liked it though and would get it again.  It's a strange combination of food but it all went together oddly well.  I really liked the kimchi…dunno why, but kimchi makes everything tastier.  All of the things on the plate was of decent quality, no complaints.  It was fun and weird, I liked it." 

She also said that the sausages were on the leaner side.

Pack O'Stancakes - Gluten free cottage cheese pancakes, topped with caramelized apples & fresh fruit, with maple syrup ($13)

These pancakes are probably the thickest pancakes I've ever had so far in my life; they were more like thick pieces of cake...three pieces of really delicious cake.

The Pack O'Stancakes were pretty dense but somehow still managed to not be heavy. Does that make sense? You guys must think I'm insane as they are cottage cheese pancakes too but really, they were perfect for those who strive for thicker, more substantial pancakes (if you are the type that likes the air-y, light and fluffy pancakes you will probably want to skip this). I liked it as it was a nice change and it was great with the soft apples slices and decadent maple syrup. 

If you're looking for a brunch place that serves traditional brunch items with a slight twist, try The Bellevue. I would want to go back too because their specials look great; I debated a long time between getting the Pack O'Stancakes, which was on their regular menu, and their special that day which was the "Duck Confit & Roast Chicken Stuffed Crepe with Savoury Devon Cream". Ok, yeah, that sounds reeeeeaaaaaally good right now...

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