Friday, April 15, 2011

New City Restaurant

It was a Friday night and my boyfriend just picked me up from Fairview Mall subway station. He would usually ask me the following question: "So where do you want to go eat?". I'm asked this question a lot, and most of the time when I'm in uptown, I'm stumped. I know there are tons of places to eat in Markham / Richmond Hill, but as you know, when you're confronted with so many choices you usually end up...clueless. Well, a few Fridays ago, I knew exactly what I wanted. For some reason, I was really craving baked pasta, the Hong Kong style café kind (or 茶餐廳). I have no idea why but the craving was intense.

I usually go to New City Restaurant when I have such craving. It is located in Peachtree Centre, near Highway 7 & Kennedy.

This is not going to be some long and extravagant post, but rather I just want to let you all know how affordable it is to eat a meal here.

Here is the menu. Sollie no English =D Basically, the menu has a vareity of baked pasta or rice, with an option for a variety of meat (chicken, ham, beef, pork, seafood etc) and sauce (tomato, cream, cheese, portugese, bolognese, etc). These prices also includes a soup and a drink (cold drinks are $0.75 extra and take out is $0.50 extra)

For the soup you get a choice of either Russian Borscht soup or some kinda cream soup. I always get the Russian Borscht and my boyfriend always get the whatever cream soup. 

This is my Baked Beef Brisket with Spaghetti in Portuguese Sauce. Massive! Tons of peppers and meat.

It took a while to mix everything together without any spillage - you can finally see the spaghetti now. Eating this was extremely satisfying - real and hearty comfort food, Hong Kong stylez.

My boyfriend had the Baked Pork Chop with Rice, one of the most classic baked dishes at Hong Kong style cafes.

That's one pork chop....

and x4! Four pieces of pork chops! You can finally see the rice after transferring two on a separate plate.

We are both suckers for cold drinks, especially after such heavy hearty meals. We need something refreshing in our tummies so we each got a Hong Kong-style milk tea.

Our set dinner was $7.75 pp. We left a $20 bill and we were good to go, tax and tips included. For a meal that hits the spot, nothing beats these baked dishes at Hong Kong style cafés.

Feel free to let me know your favourite Hong Kong style cafés ^_*

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