Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Road Trip - Dor-Stop Restaurant

After my disappointing dinner at Primanti Brothers (featured on Man vs. Foodthe night before , I was back on track with my next Diners, Drive-ins and Dives ("DDD") destination, which is a breakfast place called Dor-Stop Restaurant. I was really excited about this because I love breakfast / brunch food! It is so warm and hearty, and it has magical powers -  it makes me want to sleep / nap again! How wonderful =) But back home, I can never wake up early enough on the weekends; whatever I eat usually just turns into boring ol' "lunch", which is never as cool as "brunch", if you know what I mean.

I actually remember seeing this very DDD episode on TV. You know how the diners featured in DDD usually serve like, over-the-top portions of meat, or high-rise burgers, or just food that will make you cringe due to its pure size? Well, I remember when I saw this episode, I was like "Wow, somewhat normal breakfast food for once...pancakes!" Never did I think that one day I would be able to go and try out Dor-Stop for myself =D

Watch this episode~ Guy Fieri's parents and relatives are in it too lol!

We parked on the street, a block away from where Dor-Stop was located. It was a fairly quiet area with just few people on the street on a nice Sunday morning, so we assumed that finally, for once, we wouldn't have to wait for a table (lots of waiting at both Primanti Brothers and Grover's). Oh were we wrong, so wrong... It was so busy inside Dor-Stop; the whole waiting area was full of people with almost no room to stand.

I saw an empty seat at the bar so I sat there to wait but had to give it up eventually too.

The specials at Dor-Stop. By the way, from the video, the owner said that diners call "pancakes", "hotcakes", and that is why they call them "hotcakes" at Dor-Stop.

DDD was here...

Dor-Stop T-shirts? Hmmmmm no thanks, I bit too psychedelic for me.

Finally got a seat after 45 minutes.  Our table was at the end of the restaurant with no one else behind us. See no empty tables. Packed.

The menu.

It had a section dedicated to hotcakes. The DDD episode featured mostly the pumpkin hotcakes, but for some reason, my eyes were fixated on "Banana Chocolate Chip" and nothing else. I ordered "Lori's Stuffed Raspberry French Toast with Bacon" as well since that was also featured on the show.

Besides the hotcakes and the French toast, "Vicki's Italian Jumbot" was the last thing featured on the show. However, my boyfriend didn't want to order it because he said he wanted more meat than what's in the "Vicki's Italian Jumbot" (he's also not a fan of ham). So yeah, this was the only time on this whole DDD trip where we didn't order something featured on the show haha.

While waiting for the food, I notice the same poster of Guy Fieri from Grover's.

I was so hungry from the sight of all that food on the counter.

Eggs Burrito - Flour tortilla filled with sausage, potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese topped with border sauce, served with sour cream and shredded lettuce

Okay, I'm pretty sure that you can tell by these pictures that this burrito is massive? And just so you know, I never exaggerate when I blog, so let me emphasize again that this was HUGE and just...FAT! My boyfriend ordered this after seeing someone from the table beside us eating it. I had a bite and it was good. The burrito basically tastes like what you see and expect, breakfast in a burrito with salsa on top. There were lots of potato inside, more than anything else; the tomato salsa and sour cream kinda helped with the "mushy-ness" from all the heavy potato.  I guess without the potatoes it would be impossible for the burrito to be that big. Hm...yeah I'm not sure if my boyfriend got his meat fix from this burrito. Lots of carbs though, that's for sure.

Lori's Stuffed Raspberry French Toast with Bacon (sausage or ham) - Not sure why this was called "stuffed" because the French Toasts weren't stuffed; they were simply slathered with raspberry jam.There was simply too much raspberry jam, even for me and I love jam, and there was nothing unique about this at all, since again, it wasn't "stuffed"! Just way too much jam, blahhhhhh, so sweet! Also, from the video, the toasts, after dipped into egg, was supposedly slathered with a cornflake mixture. I could see some of this cornflakes on the toasts but I definitely could not taste or feel the crunch of the cornflakes at all. I was not impressed. Fail on all counts.

"Do you want any French toast with your jam?"

Banana Chocolate Chip Hotcakes (I drizzled the syrup on myself for visual appeal hehe)

The whole time I was eating this, I was telling my boyfriend "oh my God, this is so good!". I could basically just eat these hotcakes and nothing else. I initially thought that the banana would be so integrated within the batter that I could probably only see the chocolate chip, but I was pleasantly surprised because I was able to taste and see the pieces of bananas in these hotcakes.

The Damage:

Notice that even though I did not like French Toast I still managed to almost finish it? Why? Why do I do that? Arghhhhh <--- no self control! PIG! <--- *sigh*

There was still a lot of people waiting by the time we left.

When I was looking at Dor-Stop's huge menu, there were so many things that I would love to try too...maybe one day I will have a chance to go back ^_^

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