Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wedding Feast - Last of Six for 2010

Last wedding to attend for me this year was for Nick and Eunmi. This lovely couple have been my boyfriend's good friends for many years (my boyfriend was one of the groomsmen). Their wedding ceremony and reception was held at Caledon Inn around a month ago in September. It is a beautiful, rustic little place, and was actually a farmhouse back in the 1830's. Far from a farmhouse now, Caledon Inn accommodates for not only weddings, but also private functions and catering. Their dining room is opened to the public as well in the summer. Caledon Inn is a great venue for those looking for a cozy and intimate wedding. 

The wedding was such a blast! What a way to end my last wedding reception for 2010. I got extremely hammered (so glad hotel rooms were booked in advance). I was sooooo gone that I stopped taking pictures after dinner and was totally oblivious to the fact that there was a dessert table (I had to steal the dessert table picture from a friend on Facebook).  So yes, that's how fun the wedding was =P

These paper cranes were hand folded by the wedding party - they made over 2,000.

A string trio provided lovely music. Very classy and elegant. 

Guests lined up for a sip of the fruit punch. - one with alcohol, one sans alcohol. Should be obvious which one is which.

Three kinds of hor d'oeuvres were served. All were extremely delicious. I probably went for seconds (or thirds). Here we have prosciutto wrapped asparagus. I love anything wrapped asparagus (okay maybe just prosciutto and smoked salmon).

Crab cakes - these were heavenly! You can taste the real crab meat.  And the dipping sauce...oh the dipping sauce...*two thumbs up*

I don't remember what these are, I think they were chicken skewers.

The reception was held in a covered tent. The decor was simple, yet elegant.

The paper cranes make an appearance inside the tent as well. Endless number of cranes were stringed together as a backdrop behind the head table.

Sweets inside the tent! Guests could fill all kinds of goodies into the plastic bags. Such a cute idea!

Each guest received a cup, each hand painted by the bride herself! How thoughtful ^_^

Wines at the table.

Green fresh spring salad with sun dried tomato vinegarette. 

Spiced beef tenderloin with mango salsa, roasted potato wedges, and seasoned vegetables.

New York style cheesecake topped with fresh fruit.

Thanks to the open bar, by the time the cheesecake came I was already pretty drunk. It was precisely also the point in time when I stopped taking pictures altogether, hence I missing this decadent dessert table.

Not remembering that this table existed, the following conversation took place on Facebook:

At least I know I was not the only one who "totally missed this" dessert table. Then again, I guess I was the worse one of all given that I actually ate from it too LOL!

Like I said, the wedding was cozy, intimate, yet festive and fun. I'm extremely happy the couple tied the knot - they are soooo cute together! Congratulations to Nick and Eunmi once again =D