Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine

Emperor (君臨天下) is a Chinese restaurant owned by the father of one of my boyfriend's friends. The restaurant is located in Richmond Hill on 9019 Bayview Ave. at a strip plaza. 

Due to obvious "connections", my boyfriend and his friends (and me of course) have been to Emperor several times for birthday celebrations and other special occasions. We usually get a private room or section for our mini parties. Everytime we eat at Emperor we come out so stuffed! Similar to wedding receptions, we would have the extravagant 10 course meals (or sometimes more). But unlike the crappy food quality that you sometimes get at other restaurants, Emperor consistently serves really delicious food. They are also very creative - I've had dishes there that I've never had anywhere else before (this goes for dim sum too).

Emperor is pretty big and spacious.

You won't find a Chinese restaurant without the following two essentials: Maneki Neko cats...

and bamboo plants.

This particular occasion was a duo birthday celebration: for my boyfriend and his friend, Ming (Ming's Dad is Emperor's owner). I was 100% sure that this dinner was gonna be good ^_*

Menu for the night.

BBQ Meat with Sliced Jelly Fish Platter.

Crab Claw

Peking Duck

Shark's Fin Soup

Pork Ribs with Fried Milk

Minced Duck Lettuce Wrap

Fried Lobster with Garlic

Fish Fillet with Green Beans

Noodles with Sliced BBQ Pork 

Fried Rice

Mango Tapioca Dessert with Mini Mango Pudding and Biscuit

Big birthday bun (壽包) for the birthday boys...

...and normal sized ones for everybody else.

I was already so full by the time the lobster came but I forced myself to continue eating - I couldn't bare seeing such good food go to waste (or at least my share of it). 

I really want to go back to Emperor for dim sum. The one and only time I went I really enjoyed their specialty dim sum dishes. It has been too long. I haven't had a good dim sum coma in ages....

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