Friday, August 6, 2010

My Craft Blue Burger at Craft Burger

Thanks to FabFind (@FabFinder on Twitter) and their free $5 certificate at Craft Burger (@Craft_Burger), me and two friends went to Craft Burger for dinner one night a few weeks ago. When I saw this free coupon on FabFind, I immediately emailed a few of my foodie friends about it, and naturally most of them signed up an account with FabFind to get the coupon, and naturally a date was settled on when to go (some couldn't go because they work uptown). This is one of the good things about working downtown - the ability to go try out new places and restaurants right after work =)

I'm always trying to find good burger joints. There are sooo many burger places popping up in Toronto nowadays that it's seriously hard to keep up. Meanwhile, there's no way I would want to try every one of them because some may not be worth my time. I've asked a few foodies and most of them said Craft Burger is probably one of the best ones around.

There are two Craft Burger locations in Toronto, one on King street and one on Yonge street. I went to the one on Yonge street since it was closer to my friend's work.

GAHHHHH decisions decisions! If I hadn't decided on what to order before going, I probably would be standing there looking at the huge menu for a long long time. But as usual, I checked out Craft Burger's menu online beforehand.

At the counter, a list showing the toppings available.

Various Boylans and sodas.

Entrance to the kitchen at the back where the magic happens. No open kitchens here!

Each table were given a number. The waiting begins.

After 15 minutes or so, our burgers came. Yeah they look all the same on the outside, but I guess this picture gives you a rough idea of the size of the burgers, which is pretty decent. My burger is the one with the onion rings =) From top left:

1) Lamb Burger - Fresh Ontario lamb, cilantro-feta spread, lettuce and tomato.
2) Classic Burger - With lettuce, tomato, and ketchup.
3) Craft Blue - Gorgonzola, avocado, lettuce, tomato and rosemary garlic mayo

I got the Craft Blue because I ♥ gorgonzola. Showing you the gorgonzola / avocado / garlic mayo goodness inside.

I liked my burger but I can't say the patty was as juicy as I would've liked it. The gorgonzola / avocado / garlic mayo were definitely key condiments in making the Craft Blue as tasty as it was. The onion rings were great! Huge onion pieces, thinly battered and hot.

My tray. All done. The first one (as usual). I was sooooooo full. My Craft Blue burger, with the gorgonzola and avocado, was extremely filling. And with the onion rings, I was stuffed to the max. 

My friend who had the Classic Burger did not like his burger. He said his patty was really dry and in his words "it was okay, nothing really great about it based on what I prefer in a burger". He also said a thicker one might have held the juices in better. 

My other friend who had the Lamb Burger, in her words "it was nice...I'm not sure if someone who doesn't like lamb would like it though...I would definitely go back to Craft Burger  to feed my burger craving. Hero Burger, not so much". She said the distinct lamb taste wasn't apparent after her first bite, but more so after her second and third bite into it.

I would definitely go back to Craft Burger because I also want to try to Craft Spicy Burger =D

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