Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Biff's Bistro Tweetup

A #biffsTweetup at Biff's Bistro was kindly organized by Ben (@LauBenedict) about a month ago. Not sure how the conversation about oysters came up on Twitter (I'm guessing, very likely, that it was from Eugene (@euge_loo)) but either way, I'm sure someone proclaimed their love for oysters, and then one thing led to another, a Tweetup was organized and we all found ourselves gathered together one night for dinner  to enjoy some oysters and food at Biff's Bistro. It was great seeing Summer (@summer_luu) and Evelyn (@eviechiu) again, and an opportunity for putting faces to the names I've been tweeting with for awhile now: Ben, Chris (@chrisunagi), Chelsea (@chelseachoy), Eugene, and finally meeting a new friend, Priscilla (@priscillasam). 

Why oyster at Biff's Bistro you ask? Well, every week night after 5pm they have a raw oysters special, an oyster for $1. That's right, a buck! Can't go wrong with that, right? I guess when it's so cheap, it is normal to start wondering whether you will get food poisioning afterwards but let me assure you that I did not, and nobody else in the group did either. 

I've never been to Biff's Bistro before; I used to work right across from it on the Esplanade, but somehow I never made my way over there. 

This is the bar area.

Nobody besides us was there at the time because we all met up pretty early for dinner. And besides, it was a week night. Well, and also Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill just opened up right next door too.

Biff's Bistro full menu. There were a lot of things on the menu that I would want to go back and try.

My mandatory Caesar, extra spicy.

Most of us ordered oysters (except for Summer who will not touch them for her life). Some ordered half a dozen for themselves, and some ordered a dozen. Whatever number of oysters you want, Biff's Bistro  will serve them to you.

Other than the fact that the oysters were on the smaller side (what do you expect? it's $1 each!), they were all very fresh. They didn't have as much condiments for the oysters as Rodney's (not a complaint, just a fact).

I tried one and they were really tasty. I wanted to take the whole jar home. Who would notice?!

♥ the mustard! We ate a lot of this with the bread (or at least I did haha) because the food took really long to come after the oysters, probably around 30-45 minutes. Since we weren't in a rush and was chatting, it was OK, but I think normally I wouldn't have been too pleased with the waiting. We had a big group too, so I'm thinking they wanted to prepare everything and bring it all out at once. But still, was long.

When our main courses came, I snapped a picture of everybody's plate before they could start digging in. This is going to be another one of those picture posts because I obviously didn't try everybody's plate dish.

Mussels - tomato, garlic and thyme.

Steak Frites - 7oz flat iron steak with season vegetables & frites

A side order of Frites with Rouille.

Roasted Bone Marrow Pudding with Parsley Salad & Maldon Salt

Fricassé of Escargots with Lardon & Brandy

Steak Tartare.

Roasted Pork Belly with Spatzle & Fennel.

Cumbrae Lamb Shank with Eggplant and Minted Yoghurt.

Another view of this beautiful piece of lamb shank with veggies on the other side.

We were all generally pretty satisfied with our dinner. When we were heading, we saw this beautiful cheese display, with scale and all. I probably still had room for some blue cheese...

Not only a cheese display, but also a chocolate display right beside it. I was in dessert heaven, but for eyes only =( 

It was so fun chatting and meeting everyone IRL that night. I'm so looking forward to the next Tweetup =)

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