Friday, October 18, 2013

EXCEL Gumergency Kit Giveaway - CLOSED

EXCEL Gum is changing the way it combats bad breath with a new campaign that aims to help consumers deal with “Gumergencies - the desperate need for gum because of bad breath.” The Wrigley brand has launched a new YouTube channel devoted specifically to the campaign. 

A recent playful EXCEL Gum survey inquired how Canadians deal with bad breath situations, the odd times they've chewed gum (while sky diving) and even styles of gum chewing...

Anddd with that bit of intro...I'm giving away THREE Gumergency Kits loaded with gum and mints so you'll be prepared the next time bad breath strikes :)


Share your Gumergency (i.e. a bad breath story) in the comment section below. I'll be picking three winners from there!


Contest starts on Friday, October 18 and ends on Friday, October 25 at 12PM. 

GOOD LUCK!!! ^_^