Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Viamede Resort (Part I)

WOOHOO! Weekend getaway! I've been looking forward to a weekend getaway since...since forever! I'm all for "escaping" the city from time to time. It's not that I don't like the city - I'm definitely a city girl and I love Toronto with all my heart - but I think everybody needs to physically remove themselves, if and when the opportunity arises, from the hustle and bustle of the city. I'm sure you all know that Toronto, although not quite as crazy as NYC, can be a bit overwhelming at times and therefore I think it is good for the mind, body, and soul to get out of town and recoup once in awhile, even for just a few days. Having said all that, imagine my excitement when I was asked whether I would be interested in a two-night stay at Viamede. Hm...YES?! PLEASE, AND THANK YOU! :D 

So two Fridays ago, my friend Cindy and I left work a bit early for our "mini road trip" to Viamede. It was obviously not early enough since the traffic getting out of downtown was TERRIBLE. However, all that was soon forgotten when we arrived at Viamede. It also helped that we passed by a huge snapping turtle crossing the road just minutes before arriving at the resort (I seriously contemplated stopping and turning the car around to take a picture but I didn't, and I totally regret it.) But I was happy 'cause If seeing a snapping turtle crossing the road is not an indication that we are no longer in the city, I don't know what is.

The Viamede Resort (Twitter: @Viamede, Facebook: Viamede Resort), just 30 minutes north of Peterborough, is nestled in the woods on the north shore of Stoney Lake, one of Ontario's most beautiful lakes. Viamede features over 50 rooms and private rental cottages, three restaurants and a full service spa. We stayed in one of Viamede's 19 waterfront Kawartha cottages. Our traditional log style cabin was fully equipped with a kitchen, TV, A/C, BBQ and coffeemaker. Cindy and I had our own bedrooms too.

Just steps from our cabin is this beautiful view of Stoney Lake.

We headed over to The Boathouse Pub, Stoney Lake's oldest pub, for a casual dinner. It's a great place for beers, snacks, burgers and sandwiches (I heart their onion rings!)

We called it a night shortly after dinner, around 10pm or so. I know it's sad. I blame it on having to work during the day, driving through crazy traffic, the huge portions of food and the pint of cider at The Boathouse (I'm obviously in denial about getting old and my inability to stay up late.)

Anyway after a good nights rest, we woke up early next morning for complimentary breakfast at 1885

Located in the main dining room of Viamede1885 features a steakhouse at night and is where weddings and other events are hosted. In the morning, 1885 serves a breakfast buffet that includes scrambled eggs, bacon, farmer's sausage, pancakes / French toast, juices, cereals and other daily specials. And in case you were wondering: yes, below is the dining room where we had breakfast...overlooking the lake :)

Photo credit: Viamede

After breakfast, Cindy and I both got really sleepy so we went back to our cabin and napped for a couple of hours. We are such pigs but


We were finally ready to explore the resort grounds around noon. But first, check out this gorgeous view. Although it's never gonna be the same as BEING there, I thought a video would be better than a photo...

The marina.

Complimentary activities at the marina includes: canoes & kayaks, stand-up paddle boards & hydro bikes, road bikes, tennis & badminton & beach volleyball, horseshoes & shuffleboard and assorted sport equipment. Boat rentals are also available which includes 2013 bowriders, pontoon boats and fishing boats.

People fishing....

Instead of water sports, we opted for the nature trails.

At the trails, taking in the fresh air and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

A massive 400 year-old Viking Oak Tree. The picture does not do it justice.

 Viamede's working farm. The farm started in 2011 with Indian Runner & Muscovy ducks, several Tamworth pigs and a solitary turkey. In 2012, more turkeys and ducks were added along with an herbs and root vegetable garden. Now there are chickens too!

These Tamworth piggies were so cute and active! They run incredibly fast too (helps that they have A LOT of space!) Honestly, I never knew pigs could run so fast until I saw these...

Yup that's me squealing in the video. I tend to do that when I see cute things / animals :S And sorry guys, one more photo. Too cute.

The Viamede Spa. Sadly, they were doing renovations or else a nice mani / pedi and massage would have been ideal after the trails.

We headed back to the dock after our hike. Here's the obligatory "long-dock-in-the-middle" photo.

We figured drinks on The Boathouse Pub patio would be awesome.

It was indeed very, very awesome. While sipping on our cold Long Island Iced Teas and munching on crispy sweet potato fries, we were taking in one of the best views of Stoney Lake. Perfect weather. Perfect view. 

Subsequently, we got tired again so we took another nap before our 7-course tasting dinner at The Inn at Mount Julian. Again, I must emphasize that...


*The two-night stay at Viamede was complimentary. The opinions and views expressed on this post are my own*
*All photos and videos on this post were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4*

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