Friday, February 15, 2013


It is a treat to dine at a white-table cloth restaurant from time to time. After all, almost every girl I know likes to be pampered occasionally (well some more frequent than others) especially when it's not for a special occasion (the best kind in my opinion). For me, dining at Mistura in Yorkville delivers just that. Yes, it has fancy white table clothes, but by no means did Mistura feel pretentious or "stuffy". The ambiance there was fancy, elegant, yet still comfortable and relaxed. Seems almost impossible to have all that happening at the same time but I assure you that's how I felt. Perhaps the best way to describe Mistura would be "casual luxury"?

Misturaco-owned by Paolo Paolini and chef Massimo Capra (@ChefMassimo), opened its doors back in October 1997, almost 16 years ago. Known for his handlebar moustache and big smile, chef Massimo Capra, in my opinion, still delivers some of the best classic (yet refined) Italian cuisine. Although a celebrity chef, with regular appearances on City TV Cityline and as a host on Restaurant Makeover on the Food Network, I still saw chef Capra manning the kitchen on a busy Friday night a few weeks ago. He also took time to greet diners and seemed to be very friendly and approachable. 

Bubbly cocktail to start the night? Sure! 

Wild Boar Agnolotti, port stewed dry cherries, wilted greens, brown butter, roasting jus

Imported fresh Mozzarella, heirloom tomato, roasted eggplant, celery & basil salad 

Shaved Cured Beef, parmigiano, arugula, truffle lemon dressing, quail egg & truffle carpaccio

Handmade Egg Spaghetti, lobster meat, tomato butter, leeks, garlic & scallions 

Seared Duck breast & Duck leg Confit, squash puree, braised barley & kale topped with mostarda

Chocolate & chestnut brownie with cocoa hazelnut mousse & Frangelico ice cream

Standouts of the night for me were the fresh wild boar agnolotti in a savoury sour cherry and brown butter sauce (the port stewed cherries were an excellent touch), as well as the carpaccio, which was topped with the best combination of trimmings I've ever had before for this raw beef dish. The duck breast and duck confit main was highly recommended by our server, and rightfully so. The tender duck confit leg with nice, crispy skin, and sliced duck breast done to a perfect pink, all sat on top of a pool of naturally sweet and creamy squash puree. The entire plate had an abundance of great flavours. The night ended on a high note with a soft and luscious brownie which was served along side ice cream, fresh berries, and finished with a sweet caramel drizzle.

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