Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guu Sakabar Never Disappoints

Guu Sakabar's menu and specials posted outside
When it comes to izakaya (i.e. a Japanese drinking establishment which serves food to accompany drinks), I always default to Guu. Although there are several newly opened izakayas in downtown Toronto, I somehow find myself at either Guu SakaBar or Guu Izakaya whenever I have a craving for izakaya. And because these 'izakaya cravings' do not happen that often, when they do, I want to make sure that I will be completely happy and satisfied after my meal, which is is precisely why I always end up at Guu (@GuuToronto) - I've never left Guu disappointed. The food there is consistently good, their awesome vibe never ceases to amaze me, the staff is always friendly and cheerful, and last but not least, I find myself practically rolling out of the restaurant, beyond full with a grin on my face, every single time :)

This time was no exception. I took a friend to Guu SakaBar recently. He has never been to Guu before (I know, shocking!) so I felt that it was my duty, as a friend, to take him there (OK I admit, I was also having an izakaya craving at the time).

To experience the full "Guu experience", I find it best to sit at the bar. Despite the fact that it can get a bit loud, I strongly encourage those who haven't been to Guu to try it out (you can always sit in the tatami room next time...only available at Guu SakaBar though!)

I had the GUU CAESAR (obviously) with Yuzu pepper infused vodka, clamato ($6.5) 
My friend had ASAHI ($7)

Between the two of us, we had the following: 

KURAGE - Marinated jellyfish ($4.5)

SALMON TATAKI - Seared B.C. salmon sashimi w/ ponzu, wasabi mayo & garlic chips ($6.8)

KAKUNI PIE - Pork belly pastry w/ sweet soy sauce ($6.8)

KAKIMAYO - Baked B.C. oyster w/ mushrooms, spinach & garlic mayo, topped w/ cheese ($7.2)

KABOCHA KOROKKE - Deep fried kabocha pumpkin croquette w/ a boiled egg inside ($5)

TAKOYAKI - Deep fried octopus ball w/ tonkatsu sauce & karashi mayo ($5)

KARAAGE - Deep fried soy sauce marinated chicken served w/ garlic mayo ($6.8)

GYU TONGUE - Grilled beef tongue w/ salt ($6.5)

CARBONARA UDON - Creamy udon, noodles w/ bacon, onion & half boiled egg ($8.3)

TONKOTSU GYOZA NABE - Pork dumpling w/ veggies in a rich pork broth ($5.8)

RAMEN - Noodle soup w/ mixed broth of chicken & seaweed w/ BBQ pork, green onion & bamboo shoot ($7.2)

Do you now understand why I roll out of Guu every single time? My friend and I had 12 dishes. 12! Even though the dishes vary in size, it's still A LOT OF FOOD. Every single dish was excellent though, with my favourites being the salmon tataki, kakimayo, takoyaki, karaage and carbonara udon. My friend really enjoyed the entire "Guu experience" too; it's safe to say that I've got another friend hooked on Guu :D

Stretcher, please!  

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