Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Apron Strings Contest

As roles in the family are changing, fathers are seen in the kitchen more and more. According to Stats Can, in 1986, 40% of men aged 25-54 were involved in household work like meal prep / cooking, post-meal clean-up and laundry. By 2005, that number jumped to 59%. In the 70s, 1 in every 100 stay-at-home parents was a father. Today, that figure is 1 in 8.

For this Father's Day, Fiesta Farms (@fiestafarms) is encouraging everybody to submit their favourite memory, story and / or recipe about their father or grandfather in the kitchen and is looking for submissions about the worst / best meal / dish they've ever made.

The contest runs until the end of June and the top 3 stories will win a Fiesta Farms gift certificate. All entries will also be featured on the Fiesta site during the month of June!

*~Submit your recipe or story HERE~*

Also, make sure you check out Fiesta Farms' "Apron Strings" Project, an online portal featuring videos, stories and recipes. It is currently featuring five videos of fathers and grandfathers from different cultural backgrounds. Very cute and interesting :)