Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dish Duel Has Officially Begun!

It has started guys... Dish Duel has finally begun and I am stoked!!!

You may be wondering "What the heck is Dish Duel?" Or even "What does Dish Duel have to do with me?"

Well, Dish Duel has asked 16 restaurants in Toronto to present their best dish for an online winner-take-all tournament. Me and the Dish Duel blogger team, consisting of Jacob from RestoInTO, Amy from Amy's Food Adventures, and Jess from Where Jess Atewill be visiting the 16 restaurants, tasting and rating each dish on taste, presentation and originality, for a total score of 25.

And this is where you come in. You, yes YOU, will be able to vote ONLINE starting February 18 for your favourite dish. I strongly encourage you to take this chance to visit and taste these amazing dishes for yourself before February 18!

Recognize any of these dishes? If not, visit Dish Duel to get the deets!

So you should be able to guess what I gotta do for the next two weeks, right? I will be going to eight different restaurants for dinner, anonymously, tasting and rating each restaurant's dish. I started my Dish Duel adventure yesterday at Ascari Enoteca and had their Casarecce Pasta  with homemade sausage, pepperonata, tomato, pepperoncino and roasted fennel =) AHHHHH seven more restaurants to go baby! 

I'm pretty sure you may not recognize me after Dish Duel as I may look like this:

OK I'm exaggerating. More realistically, how about this? BEFORE and AFTER Dish Duel:


I'm pretty sure none of you feel sorry for me though.

Anyway, remember to vote! Tell your friends, your family, your colleagues..whoever! The more votes we get, the more restaurants will love it =) Which can only mean one thing....more Dish Duel tournaments in the future (FYI restaurants are already contacting us about the next one!)