Monday, June 6, 2011

My Burger Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee! ^_^ I'm actually not that thrilled about being one year older *sigh* but what makes this birthday really, really cool is this AWESOME, AWESOME BURGER CAKE that I got on the weekend from my boyfriend! Not only is it a birthday cake in a shape of a giant burger (with two patties, obviously) it has a HELLO KITTY on the SIDE! Hahahhaa! =D How perfect is this cake? Really??

My talented friend Eunmi (@LoveAndBearTrap) made this cake for me. It is huge yet sooo cute, and every single thing is edible! I haven't tried it yet as today is my actual birthday so I'm saving it for tonight =) Anyway, you guys need to check out Eunmi's blog, Love & Bear Trap; she recently made a beautiful and elegant wedding cake and she also participated in the 2011 Cake Show a month or so ago where she submitted her cake for the show's Design Challenge. 

I simply could not leave this cake alone once I laid my eyes on it and I kept on taking more and more pictures. It was simply too cute. It deserves a *kiss* from me. =)

What a beauty~ I can't wait to try it out tonight hehe


I had the burger cake last night after dinner and I felt the need to show you how the cake looks like inside. I was pleasantly surprised as I did not expect it to be a red velvet cake! ^__^ Look at the layers! They are simply stunning! Not only was it beautiful, the cake tasted really really good too~ It was so moist, light, and not too sweet; I thought it was just perfect =) 

As if Eunmi isn't talented enough with her cakes, she is also very crafty and makes beautiful hair adornments and brooches.

I buy brooches from her all the time~

So be nice and follow Love & Bear Trap on Facebook to get the latest updates on her cakes and crafts~

Thank you, Eunmi, for the best birthday cake I've ever had!