Friday, December 17, 2010

Mickey's Pizza - Feed Your Dragon!

The Stuffed Spinach and Cheese pizza at Mickey's Pizza is SO.FRIGGIN.AWESOME. Sorry but I just can't describe it any other way. I mean, just look at it, can you honestly tell me that you wouldn't want a bite out of that, like, right now? At this very moment? Hot and fresh out of the oven, this stuffed pizza at Mickey's Pizza is now my newest obsession. It is not your typical "stuffed crust" pizza but rather, this is a "stuffed PIZZA", as in, spinach and cheese is stuffed at the bottom of the pizza with a layer of toppings on top. Actually, there's a  *gasp* Stuffed Steak and Cheese pizza too which I didn't even get to try yet. Yeah, you read that right, STEAK AND CHEESE, in a pizza, stuffed high with ooegy-gooey's like a dream come true for me. It really is. People who know me should know the extent of how I love pizza right, and steak, and cheese. ♥+♥+♥

And no, it's not just me who loves Mickey's Pizza! According to their website, Mickey's has been voted to the top 10 pizzas in the GTA from Citybites / The Globe and Mail =)

I attended Mickey's Christmas Party on Monday where they offered free samples of their pizza from 6-8pm. They encouraged all customers to bring non perishable food for the food bank.

Mickey's Pizza is located in Mississauga (sorry all you east-enders, but finally something good is in my hood, and my hood only *muhahaha*). So you're probably wondering why Mickey's Pizza is so good, right? Here's a quick run down:

1. The pizza dough is made fresh (with secret recipe that's 20 years in the making);
2. The sauce is also a secret recipe;
3. They grate and blend their own cheese everyday; 
4. The meatballs are homemade and barbecued in house (they also tried 9 different pepperonis and finally decided on one that has no preservatives or MSG); 

5. Last, but not least, is Mickey's Pizza one-of-a-kind oven, the ONLY ONE IN CANADA at that.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a rotating Hickory Barbecue Oven which cooks at a whopping 900 degrees. This intense but balanced heat results in pizzas with a crisp dark bottom (the authentic Italian style). You can read more about the Hickory Barbecue Oven here.

I was curious as to why the heat source on top was only located at that one spot but not the entire area. I learnt that because toppings cook a lot faster than the dough, the rotation between the upper heat source and the open air allows for a perfect cooking time for the toppings (as in, no over cooked / burnt toppings). Meanwhile the dough, which needs a lot more time is constantly being cooked from the bottom. Smart, huh?

See the reason why I'm ecstatic about this place? =D

Oh, by the way, If you're curious about the dragon, read this quick little story here. It's cute!

Mickey's Pizza has a whole lot of variety in terms of the different types of pizza they offer. One that caught my eye instantly is the Chicago Style Deep-Dish pizza (which instantly made me think of the deep dish pizza I had at Patxi's in San Francisco back in August).

Many combos for you to choose from. Notice the "BBQ sauce" used for Pappy's BBQ'D Chicken pizza; not your normal tomato sauce that's for sure.

Watching your weight? They got a carb-buster pizza too "with just slightly more dough than two slices of bread". 

Ok, enough with the signs and the info, right? I know you want to see the real deal. We will start off with two pizzas.

Which Mickey himself ended up serving us.

Got a hold of two slices =) YUMMMMMMM

I asked if they could make me a Stuffed Spinach and Cheese pizza (which I was secretly waiting and saving room for); my request was promptly fulfilled ^_^

Spinach in first.

Then cheese.

The dough is then wrapped up...

...and molded so that the spinach and cheese is now concealed at the bottom and no longer visible. Mad skillz.

So from this point on the steps are identical to making a normal pizza. We have the tomato sauce first.

Then cheese.

Toppings time. many choices.

I ended up picking shredded meat balls, caramelized onions, peppers, mushrooms...

...and finished it off with olives and more cheese.

In the oven it goes (stuffed pizzas use the regular ovens). You have no idea how much I wanted that pizza; the anticipation was nuts, I was all giddy like a kid O_o Not exaggerating, people there can vouch for this LOL!

It's finally out! I was practically drooling by then but more waiting entails since it has to cool down before slicing. 

You know, it's really the height of this pizza that really gets me; the puffiness and the thickness of it, and knowing that it is stuffed with cheese and spinach inside is just...over the top!


Look at the height of it. The toppings and the cheese slowly making its way down to the plate, the aroma of the sweet caramelized onions with shredded BBQ meat balls, while the olives provided that tiny bit of saltiness, and the mushrooms. All this goodness on top of a layer of melted cheese and spinach. 

It was just so good. SO GOOD. I was smiling the whole time I was eating it. MUST TRY THE STUFFED STEAK AND CHEESE ASAP!

I haven't raved about pizzas like this in a while so I'm happy that Mickey's Pizza finally gave me the opportunity to do so ^_^

Thanks again to Sandi and Mickey for hosting the Christmas Party and introducing me to your delicious pizzas. 

And to Sandi, such a pleasure to finally meet you and chat with you. Honestly, anyone that gets to know you and Mickey will know that you guys have such passion and dedication for what you do. What impresses me the most (besides that Stuffed Spinach and Cheese pizza) is the attention that the both of you give to each and every one of your customer; you are willing to go out of your way, above and beyond, in making sure that each pizza is top notch and that each customer leaves satisfied - you know the importance of interacting and listening to your customers' feedback. The lengths you go to find the best and freshest ingredients also deserves recognition. It is really no surprise that you have so many loyal customers, Sandi. You will definitely see me again =)

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