Wednesday, November 24, 2010

beer bistro

I can always count on beer bistro for a good meal; I've never had a bad experience there. I also love their Belgium frites - they are to DIE for! beer bistro is very consistent in serving good quality food with very reasonable prices, which is precisely the reason why they are always packed. beer bistro is great for happy hour too; you will see a lot of "suits" during after-work hours because of its proximity to the financial district. And of course, who wouldn't like a pint (or more) of their favorite beer after a long day's work? beer bistro is very busy during lunch time too; it's a great place for a casual, nice lunch with colleagues (or whoever).

beer bistro's beer list is very impressive (given their name, they better be!) and for those who are novice beer drinkers like me who may feel overwhelmed by their vast selection of beer, beer bistro breaks it all down for you; beers are separated into different categories such as: quenching, crisp, bold, spicy, robust, appetizing, smoky, gluten-free, cider, fruity, etc. 

Pairing suggestions are also available on the menu for those who are not feeling too adventurous (that would be me sometimes).

I usually order Fruli Strawberry from Belgium at beer bistroEven though I'm more a wine drinker, it just feels wrong ordering wine at beer bistro, you know? However, I do loooove my fruity drinks haha. This time around I wanted to try something different, so I went for the McAuslan Apricot Wheat. Still fruity, which I like, but I think I will stick to Fruli next time =) My boyfriend ordered the Hacker-Pschorr Edelhell from Germany. 

I've been to beer bistro many times now, for work lunch and also dinner with friends / family. I've also been to beer bistro three times for 'Licious, and the same level of quality, food, and service were provided each time. I did noticed that beer bistro did not participate in the last 'Licious though :(

This post recounts my last time at beer bistro. It was during summer so we sat out on the patio. beer bistro's patio is surely not the greatest; it is located in an alleyway between two buildings. Nevertheless, I don't think many Torontonians give a damn about that, we just want to be outside as much as possible when it's hot out.

Spicy Kobe Beef Tacos - Chili stout salsa, aged gouda, grilled vidalia onions gueuze-soured cream, lettuce.

Perfect for those who love spicy food. The beef is moist and the chili salsa gives the perfect kick (for me anyway); it's just enough to open up your appetite for more delicious food to come.

Belgian Frites - Blanched in beef and duck fat house-made mayonnaise & smoked tomato ketchup.

Best. Fries. Ever! I can never get enough of these fries. I pick at it continuously; for one fry I will dip in ketchup, next one I will dip in mayonnaise, then the next I will have it just by itself, and the cycle continues...

Bistro Beer Burger - Seasoned with belgian ale on a beer buttermilk bun.

My boyfriend really enjoyed this burger. It was thick, moist, juicy, and cooked just right. It was so delicious that he asked me to take picture of it half eaten like this (it is usually me who demands these pictures).

Duck Confit Beer Bread Pizza (bread dough made with award-winning McAuslan Oatmeal stout) - Goat cheese, thyme, caramelized onion, slivered potatoes.

Not your usual shaped pizza but whatever. Couldn't really taste the beer in the beer dough though. Loved the duck confit, loved the goat cheese, loved the onions, not sure if I liked the potatoes even being there on the pizza. Instead of potatoes, I think I would've wanted a topping that was less "heavy"  - the cheese was already on the heavy side, and with the potatoes there it was just a bit too much. I think something like mushrooms or spinach would've been better. This duck confit pizza obviously does not trump the duck confit pizza at Pizzeria Libretto (which has pears on it).

This post merely accounts for one of my many visits at beer bistro. I've had many other delicious items from their menu such as their salads, mussels bowls, and other entrees.  Even though I cannot vouch for everything on beer bistro's menu, what I can say is that my friends, family, and colleagues all enjoy beer bistro as much as I do.

One thing that I have yet to try is their Homemade Beer Scream / Beer Scream Platter - beery berry sorbet, dragon stout & skor bar, rocky road with coffee, porter vanilla bourbon swirl, or their weekly feature. Writing this post reminds me that I need to head back to beer bistro soon.

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