Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day BBQ

We shucked oysters at my brother's house for Mother's Day, and a month later it is Father's Day. Should we go out to eat this time? But like most of the time, we didn't feel like getting ripped off by restaurants, especially Chinese restaurants, with their "Father's Day Special Set Menu", nor did we feel like joining the herd of people trying to get a table, and ending up eating over-priced mediocre food. So should we stay in again? If we stay in, what were we gonna eat? Don't know if we feel like oysters again lol. Well thank goodness for the beautiful weather this past Sunday, my Dad suggested we get together at my brother's place for a nice little BBQ to celebrate. 

The weather on Sunday was actually perfect for BBQ-ing. It was not humid, and even in the shade you wouldn't feel cold. At times there was also a nice little breeze. The weather on Sunday, being the day before the first day of summer, was way better than the weather we are having right now in Toronto as I'm typing this (today is the day after the first day of summer, and its pouring outside, with the forecast predicting rain for the rest of the week *sad*).

My brother and my sister-in-law prepped everything, from the cutting of veggies to marinating the meats, to grilling the food too. Oh yeah, my Mom prepped the salad as well. That leaves only my Dad and I, so I guess our duty was to eat. O, how lucky we were =) 

This is gonna be a short post with some random pictures I took at the BBQ. They are "random" because I was too busy eating and forgot to take pictures of a few things (i.e. the Sleeman's we all had, as well as the steak we had towards the end of the meal). Anyway, like our usual family gatherings, we had a great time catching up and munching on a variety of perfectly grilled meats (props to my brother, Jason, for being such a good host and a BBQ pro).

The 1 L of Two Ocans Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot that we all shared during dinner.

My favourite salad - my Mom's potato salad.

So what exactly was on the grill in the picture above? Well, there were some marinated pork souvlaki,

spicy Italian sausages,

and some ginormous chicken wings.

My sister-in-law, Karena, also grilled some veggies, 

as well as shrimp.

We also had steak (which I forgot to take a picture of, obviously too busy munching away).

Lastly, we ended dinner with some sweet purple yams, which was on the grill, wrapped in foil the whole time we were eating.

I was stuffed. So very, very, stuffed. I was surprised that I didn't pass out right after dinner.